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Happiest birthday gift

What was the best birthday gift you ever received? What made it so special?

Answers (264)

  • The best birthday gift I got today was a new Bible. Though it isn’t exactly in big enough print for me to read, it’s do-able. Though the print isn’t big enough, that’s not really what matters. The thing that matters is that it is a thoughtful gift from someone who most definitely cares about me unconditionally. My boyfriend is the best. Not only was today’s surprise special, but being able to be on our wii bowling team, take part in tournament play last night, was another birthday dream come true. Ultimately, I know I’ve probably got more surprises in store. Sean doesn’t want to “spill the beans”, as I know he knows of something else that’s going to come my way at some point—though, he won’t tell me what else he’s actually up to.
  • Книга "Незнайка на Луне". И цена этого подарка непомерно возросла после смерти дяди, который её подарил.
  • First place goes to many birthday gifts my children made and gave to me as they were growing up. A very close, close 2nd is my wedding band that i now wear. So here is the readers digest version of why: When my husband and i got married, we couldn't afford to purchase anything fancy, so instead of putting money into something i somewhat liked i decided to get a very small, very thin white gold band. The ring cost less than $100.00 (this was in 2005) so you know it was just a small very modest ring. Fast forward 6 months and my husband received a small inheirentence from his mother that has passed away several months before (2 months after we were married) and he gave me this beauty... It was worth the wait

  • On my 18th birthday my parents threw a surprise party for me.

    I can’t tell you what that did for my sense of worth as I looked around the room at all these people who had come to honor me.

    I was embarrassed by the attention, overwhelmed by the love, and completely taken back that people went out of their way to make me feel special.

    That kind of love can affect a person for life.

  • My horse Blossom :) The best birthday present ever!!!

  • i think mine was and always will be....my stash of money, coz i don't even hope that other people will give me anything...
    yeah, it's kinda selfish.... but who'd love you better than yourself??

  • The best birthday gift that I ever received was the opportunity to hang out with my sister on my 18th birthday because we just got to hang out and chat.
  • Вечеринка-сюрприз ,огранизованная моими друзьми на 22 летие.Они вспомнли про меня,и это было так здорово,незабываемо!
  • Книга "Незнайка на Луне", Николая Носова. Хорошие книги были большой редкостью. А двойная ценность подарка была в том, что любимого дяди через несколько лет не стало.
  • I got a book with kitten pictures from my now-boyfriend.

    What makes it special is that I went through a rough time back then, and whenever I was feeling bad he would look up kitten pictures on Google Images and send me the links on IRC. So it somehow reminds me of how he helped me get over something bad. It's cheesy, but yeah, it does.
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