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What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?

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  • All the forms to fill out! It's so monotonus. I get tired or typing the online ones and I get tired of writing on the hand written ones. I wish I could just leave my resume everywhere since that's got all my info but nooo. You have to fill out every form and it takes like 15 minutes for each one. I waste half a day filling out forms and never get calls back even. It's aggravating.
  • Getting hired.
  • I think the hardest part about looking for a new job would be considering the job before you apply. asking yourself questions like is this what i want to possibly do for the rest of my life? what if i can't advance in this field? what if the boss turns out to be a jerk? what if at some point down the road you find you don't lie this job? do you quit? or do you coninue working there knowing that there's bills to be paid and you need a steady form of income.
  • The hardest thing to look in for a job is a job that can pay you well and a job that you like. You shouldn't work at someplace for the rest of your life in somehting that you dislike. It dosen't make you happy; it only makes you feel tired and disppointed of how life is boring. For an example, I would hate working at a clothing store where I am the salesperson. I hate to just fold clothes all day and pretend to help some customers. It's so boring and have no meaning. You don't get pay that much and a very hard position for my age. In my perspective, I think the best job for me is to do something that I am actually helping the community, society, and the world. I love to explore and meet new people. It would be the best opportunity. I can have a job by helping the environment, working for a buisness company, or a political science person.
  • Hardest partt of getting a job is getting a interview or even a phone call!!!
  • Giving a shit.
  • The hunt, The wait for a call-back that almost never happens unless you keep calling, The pray for the interview, after all that, and then seeing if you got the job..... so all of it!!!!
  • Looking for and finding a new job is hard for lots of reasons but none of which bother me. Its the getting the job and going the first day. I hate first days on the job. I get nervous and have to go to the bathroom a lot. Once I am more comfortable its not so much a problem. But I feel bad because I'm being trained right? And I'm new so I feel like I'm under a microscope and I keep disappearing to the bathroom. lol. But more to the topic, its avoiding those doggone pyramid schemes. You go to monster or craigslist and you read an ad thats like perfect. So you send a resume and then they send you an email that you know is prewritten and it refers you to a site that tells you how you can make millions working only a few hours a day and all you have to do is pay 200 dollars up front and sell your soul. Blast you "multilevel marketing" companies!
  • The hardest part of looking for a job is there is slim to none.  I have applied about almost every where in Jackson.  I have not been turned down any where, but no one has called either.  I have stopped in the businesses that I have applied for and they say " I can not tell you anything".  So, how do I know if I am going to have a job?  I hate sitting here waiting for someone to call me.  I would rather them call me and say "we do not think you are the best person for the job".  I want to know if I am capable for certain jobs.

  • Looking for a new job is easy. Landing the job you want is the hard part.
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