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Planning My Financial Future

How are you financially planning for your future?

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  • In order to successfully finacially plan for my future there are   few steps  I must follow. The first is to get a substanial paying job.  This has been a long and very frusturating process and my disabilites have factored into to things quite a bit.  There have been jobs that  I realized have not been good fits for me.  I have a   freelance job at the Milford Cabinet but that only gives me spending money and nothing to really live off. I feel that whatever kind of job  I get with my degree from NEC will only be a secondary job and I will need to get a job that  I may not like in order to pay the bills. I'll take what I can get.    I am hoping that a full time job will come out of my job training program at the hospital which starts in a few weeks.  I am very excited about that to be completely  honest. :Looking very  forward to gaining new skills and meeting new people.   The second step and third step go hand in hand.  Matt and  I  hope to move into together within the next year.  He hasn't that much luck with finding  a job but hopefully things start to turn around soon.   The one thing we need to do after New York is stop spending so much money on expensive and somewhat frivolous endeavors.    For example  in the course of the  next three weeks we wil be  seeing three plays and this includes  NYC and the play we saw tonight at Peacock Players.  With the exception of the plays  I have gotten complimentary tickets for because of my NH TODO magazine article the price of play tickets starts to drain our bank accounts after awhile.   We will be going to one play at NEC in September and hopefully a show during the holidays and that will be it until the spring when we go to see Hotel La Putts the final show my professor from NEC Wally is directing before he retires.  Wally was one of my favorite professors at NEC and  I worked him on two shows during my time in the theatre department. I really learned a lot from him and  I am sad to hear he is retiring.   Going out to dinner also tends to get add up after while both in how much we spend and calories we gain from the food we eat. Needless to say my diet has not been going very well this summer..  I think  the fact that  I don't exceise enough is kind of a problem. I want to take Zumba classes at Kathy Blake Dance Studio in the fall but  I don't think  I will be able to afford it.  :(   Also  I will not be spending a lot of money on Christmas presents this year.. in fact  I don't think  I will be buying anyone Christmas presents because  I really don't have the money to be buying people presents... that's something  I didn't quite grasp last year and    I ended up spending  over $100 in Christmas presents for my family,Matt ,Sonya and Heather.

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  • I never thought about financially planning my future mostly cause im going to school now , I dont work but after I'm dont with school I will plan my finance then....Right now all the money is from my daddyy and hes does his financialling so Im good for now!
  • by somehow winning a lawsuit against intel. intel: sponsers of my future
  • When it comes to financially planning my future i feel as though im ahead of my age group. The day i turned 18 i applied for a credit card and it got approved. I have been building credit ever since. I also pay for my car bill every month and i plan on investing in stocks as soon as i get this new job i have been longing for. I feel as though it is definitely time to move on from papa johns and explore better opportunities. I have been there for over a year and i still havent receievd a raise. Im not mad at them because i know the world is going through rough times but i know i can do better and i will. As soon as i get a better job, i plan on paying almost double of what i already pay per month for my car payments. As of now i am set to pay my car off in 5 yrs. I plan on paying it off in 2-3 years. Also, because i have already started building great credit i figure by the time im 21 i will be ready to own my own house or apartment. I want to invest in stocks soon because i know after the recession dies down and things start to turn to normal i can make money off stocks. I also want to work with my dad and make moves in real estate once the econmy gets back to normal. I figure since i will have great credit down the road and he will have the money we can work together and make things happen. I am ambitious and i know for a fact i will be successful some how some way.
  • Buy everything I can think of possibly someday needing???

    Does that count as planning for my Financial Future?

    The way I see it, if I already have it I won't need to buy it, if I don't need to buy something I don't need money. Therefore any money I do have is surplus to my needs.

    That is the definition of wealth.

  • I am going to get my Microsoft and Apple certifications so I can Work on computers for pay so I can put it for my future.  I can work for the school system programing their systems.  I plan to put the money into my bank account.  That way I have it saved, in case I need it.  That money will help me later on.  With the money I earn from working as a computer tech, I will use it for day to day expenses.  Being a computer tech will come in handy later on in my future. 
  • Oh golly. Here's one where my track record is pretty dismal. For the record, I'm a great financial planner. When I worked at DHL I was making almost $400 on an average week, and by the time I had left (after 15 months on the job) I had saved up three month's worth of rent and had been able to go on two very nice vacations--to the Olympic National Park and to the Dear Friends video game music concert in Los Angeles. My problem is in getting money in the first place, which has always been difficult for me, since I'm so maladjusted to conventional work. (I'm too lazy for manual labor and too smart for office work.) I've never made more than $20,000 in a year, and usually much less, which is to say that, with few exceptions (such as at DHL), I've only ever made enough just to get by. So, as far as my financial future is concerned, this technicality means that I'm a big red X on sound planning. My hope is to not find myself needing to discuss my financial future in terms of a present contingency until I've established myself in a more esoteric and enjoyable line of work. (That's a big part of why Michael's schizophrenic torpedoing of Alturia has pissed me off so much.)
  • Save Save Save! Haha!
    Yea, hopefully saving up enough to get a car of my own, then getting a full-time job again, then gettin out!! My best friend and I have a dream to get a loft apartment together, but they're expensive. Oh well, save save save!
  • i plan to finish high school, find a job, go to college and study hard to get a great carreer and gain a lot of money doing what i like to do and travel the world.
  • How are you financially planning for your future? *laughs* Why? I don't have enough money to plan SHIT! Its not like I don't think about it EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!! I want to see the world. I want to be able to take a vacation when I want to. I want to be able to retire at a decent age and still be able to enjoy myself and not HAVE to work as a Wal-Mart greeter (nothing wrong with that though). I have two jobs, but I still have devt, which is growing by the way, and I have the inability to save a damned thing. The only planning I have is get more education so I can get more money through raises or more money through a better job. You know, I used to work because I care, now its the dollars. Sick, huh? Or rather, I did everything for everyone else most of my life. I think I am pissy and bitter, because I don't have what I want and probably can't get it in my field and i don't have the time, money patience or health to pursue something that is monetarily rewarding instead of the mentally and emotionally rewarding job I have. I want to cry. Damn. I refuse to make wish lists or even REMEMBER what I want because I refuse to buy the things I can right now and the things I really want I can't have. Yeah, I'm thankful for EVERYTHING I have. I wonder, is it so wrong to want something different or something more?
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