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If someone discusses UFOs at a party, do you assume they're a visionary or bonkers? Do you consider yourself a believer or a skeptic?

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  • I'm a skeptic, but not one who dismisses out-of-hand any phenomena that a very wide range and very large number of people have been reporting for centuries despite the sudden, fifty-year-plus, faddish social fascination with it that has spawned intentional acts of fakery and drama for both profit and supposed "disproof" of these phenomena. Conclusive proof or disproof has never been presented. I would be a fool to commit myself to a side that claimed to have absolute hard fact -- no one does, and that remains the only reasonably justifiable conclusion. I'd never be fool enough to assume either "visionary" or "bonkers".

  • I would assume they are visionary. I mean doesn't everyone know they exist? I am a believer.


  • bonkers... but i'm one myself so i guess we'll fit in pretty well :D i wanna see UFOs some day! :D even just a glimpse :D --shing
  • Вся правда о летающих тарелках Оригинальное название: All trues about UFO (TVRip/Discovery)


  • Сумашедшим? Невкоем случае.....Верить- интереснее....скептиков недолюбливаю...

  • Они есть, и это знает любой здравомыслищий человек.....
  • I'm a believer because I'm someone who blogs about their ideals. I was once abducted by aliens, but I was chewing Twix, so they put me back on the earth. In all seriousness, I don't believe in UFO's because the Stealth was once a UFO, and I've seen a cat calendar that showed a photograph of a cat that looks exactly like an alien, and it isn't an alien. If I find that calendar again, I will post a side by side comparison in my journal. I believe in IFO's.
  • Если бы не Вера, меня бы уже не было...
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