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How Rude!

What's the rudest thing you've ever asked anyone? And what's the rudest thing you've ever been asked?

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  • Gosh!  You Look TERRIBLE! Do You Have AIDS???
  • The rudest thing I have ever said to someone was more of a remark than a question.  I was working in a retail store at the height of the holiday shopping season, putting up a display … when a woman entered the store accompanied by her 10 year old son, who was throwing a FULL BLOWN temper tantrum (we’re talking yelling at the top of his lungs, throwing items, and ripping apart displays), because she refused to buy him something he wanted.  As the woman and her child walked by the display I was working on, with measured disdain I said, “What a brat!” A little louder than I intended and the woman heard me.  I then became the focus of her anger, as she unloaded her items from the cart, she vented her frustration, about my remark, to the cashier; she went on and on, about how rude I was, and that she should report me to the on duy manager.  I then walked up behind her in the checkout line; I waited until she'd placed all her purchases on the counter, and once I had her attention I said …
    “You can’t even control this 10 year old little boy, what do you possibly think you can do to me?”
    She stormed out of the store speechless

    The rudest thing that was ever said to me was also a remark instead of a question.  My husband was upset that I was not empathizing with some self-imposed drama he had going on and said to me…
    “Treat me like you would a stranger, because you treat strangers better than you treat me.”

  • I've been asked some crackers, such as: Are you a boy or a girl? Which I answered with: Guess. The person replied with: Boy? I once asked someone where their dad was. They replied with: Six Feet Under. :S

  • 1. ME ASKING SOMEONE: Are you a virgin?

    2. SOMEONE ASKING ME: Nothing yet. Although I have had encounters with some very rude, uncivilised human pests. And rude feedback from shallow, conceited, narrow-minded skulls.
  • My Friend had this really really old cat, I mean this thing was old and it looked like it was already dead, so I asked her why she didnt just get the poor thing put to sleep already? She burst into tears and it died the next day. I felt awful! As for the rudest thing Ive ever been asked, I was about 8 months pregnant and I was still wearing my size 7 O'neill jeans and my male co-worker noticed that they were my old jeans and he said "I didnt know that O'Neill jeans stretched that far?" nice.
  • What's the rudest thing you've ever asked anyone? And what's the rudest thing you've ever been asked? The rudest thing I've asked: Are those real? The rudest thing I've been asked: Are those real? Also... Paul McCartney voted Americans' favorite Beatle. “Americans over 30 and those over 65 love Paul,” said Zogby International CEO John Zogby. “It must be the ‘Crazy Love Songs’ and ‘Yesterday.’ Interestingly, John is the main answer for people who never go to church.” Ha! People finally realize how truly wonderful I am! I pity those Jesus hating Lennon loving hippies! ..But 'Crazy Love Songs', wtf? I never wrote a song called that. It was 'Silly Love Songs', you fools! Silly, SILLY! Let's leave it at that. :D Paul
  • the rudest thing i ever asked was if some one was pregenet when they weren't and since then i have never aksed any one that question agian
  • After being in the military and then spending years working in bars I have heard my share of insults, crude comments and rude questions.  I wouldn't even take the time type some of the trash I've heard (or said) so I'll keep it fairly clean. One of my new favorite questions to ask someone is, "hey man, is that half a roll of dimes in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?". The rudest thing I have been asked (numerous times) is, "hey, weren't you in the Navy or something?", ( I was in the Marines so ya that one is a personal peeve).
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