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Thanks to Technology…

What are some things you can do today because of technology that you couldn't do five years ago?

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  • KNOPPIX on a USB with tons of space left over for videos and music, where it's almost $1/GB of flash drive space.

    Use GMail.

  • Have hundreds of high definition movies on a server which can stream them to any computer in the house or media player such as the Apple TV and do this wirelessly. Back then I was content with just DVD quality videos and playing them locally off the hard drive. Although I had been streaming MP3s over the network for years and I had watched a few DVD quality videos over the network. Just not at this scale, quality, and availability (using applications such as front row instead of just browsing a folder in a file manager).
  • Text message a lot faster on the cellphone, iPod for watching videos, listen to music, games, and organizer; wireless gaming on the wii, and etc. 
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  • That's easy. HAVE AN iPOD!!!!! Now I rock out with my iTouch, plus with it I can access the internet, pictures, and videos. Yes, There's an App for that. :) It makes my life easier "according to me"!

    So thank you nanotechnology! This is the technology of tomorrow.

  • Hmm... let's see. I am running Windows 98SE on a ten-year-old computer with a dial-up connection, I still listen to CDs on an ancient CD player and mp3s on the aforementioned computer, I have the most basic cell phone the store had available, and I'm taking medications developed at least a decade ago. If the question were "What are some things you cannot do today becauase various websites decided to use new tech that constantly crashes your computer?" I would have an easier time answering.
  • I love technology! Let's take a trip down memory lane! Five years ago I was only 14 and dreaming of my first cell phone and computer. The first computer I got was a hand me down made in 2000. It had dial up on it courtesy of AOL. I was still carrying around CDs and my huge CD Player as well as those over the head headphones. My TV was 50lbs. Now I have a nice, sleek MP3 Player, 3MP Camera, and Phone all in one device. My much faster computer is hooked up to high speed internet clocking 8MBs on a bad night. I no longer rely on CDs and my headphones are two little buds. Oh, but my TV is still 50lbs...haven't upgraded! LOL If it works, it's not broken? I love my little toys.
  • Technology continues to change and continues to change the world. 5 years ago phones it wasnt common place for phones to have internet. Today everyone can check their email, facebook or favorite youtube video anywhere, anytime. I lot of things have changed in the past 5 years. I remember my ipod back then was huge and carried only a couple thousand songs. Now ipods have more memory than some desk computers and can even play video. Some even have internet capabilities. Now one could have thought a slim little itouch could hold so many pictures, videos and music. Let alone allow you to use myspace. Some other things i couldn't do would be buying a hybrid. Hybrids now are becoming much more common and saving even more gas with more sports car features. Last but not least 5 years ago music wasnt so easily distributed like it is today. Anyone can upload their bands song and send it to itunes for sale with the click of button. Musicians no longer need to work with a label because of websites like tunecore. Tunecore puts up your music for sale on amazon, itunes, napster and a few other online music stores. In conclusion there is alot i can do now i couldn't five years ago because of the fast technology advance.
  • so far i have yet to be impressed by tech today, the most its done in the past five years is add more hard drive space and help programs move faster. it hasnt taken any leaps or done anything, i cant do much more then i was 5 years ago now, in fact im getting more and more bored with tech's slow snail crawl, impress me, wow me, pull something out of your hat. tech is how i met my better half but we got married 5 years ago and the tech that is out there hasnt really changed. the only thing ive see come out thats new is Blue ray, wireless freedom and newer game systems. there arent really any new features for anything, the music, speakers and hardware are pretty basic and spartan. the differance between high end and low end tech really just comes down to brand power. i dont know impress me add a new feature. a new user interface or something.
  • Buy liquor, in the states.

    Without technology there would be no liquor, no money to buy it with, and no stores to go to where it could be purchased. 5 years ago, I would not be permitted to due to my age.

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