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Have you ever participated in a boycott? What did you boycott and why?

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    Yes, actually I have.
    I boycotted KMart for a season while they were dealing with pornography issues in the 90's.  I had to shop at another store that was way out of my way...but that didn't matter.

    I won't tolerate pornography.


  • I have boycotted KFC because of all the horror stories I have read about, saw news pieces about, heard from friends/ppl/family, etc. How KFC treats animals is wrong. I understand the basics of what a resturant has to do to get us food. But KFC isnt just doing the basics. They are beating, torchering and more the animals. I don't agree with what they do and think its very very wrong. So I boycotted KFC long ago and will continue to until they stop treating the animals the way they do. I will not go to KFC even to stop with a friend while they eat there.
  • I boycott Subway because of the prices they charged soldiers in Iraq for food. My husband was over there and said that a 6 in sub cost over $8 and they would wave it in front of soldier's faces because they knew that if a soldier had to choose between those and an mre, they'd choose the sub. Disgusting.
  • Никогда - терпения не хватает :) Я ж существо любопытное и не злобное - очень скоро становится интересно, как там бойкотируемый человек/событие/вещь поживает?

  • Прикольная штука... а по поводу ответа - я до сих пор бойкотирую свою сестру, вот уже четыре месяца. Планирую продолжать в том же духе...
  • Haha this question was made for me. Let me list! Marks & Spencers - They are known for giving money to Israel for weapons. These weapons are then used to kill innocent Palestinians. I don't support terror, therefore I've not been inside M&S in over ten years. Other options exist that are ethical. Coca Cola Company - I think the site www.killercoke.org can say it better than me. Destroy peoples land and kill workers because they dare to stand up for workers rights and you lose my business. I've not had any coke products in...4 or 5 years. Gap - This is not so much a boycott as an avoidance. Because of all the sweatshop stuff that came out about GAP I just started to avoid them and have done so for years. Eden Springs Water - We've successfuly kicked them off the uni campus and so many uni's and councils are cutting off contracts with them due to the movement. The reason for the boycott is that they have illegaly set up in the Golan Heights. They are stealing water. Simple as that.
  •                               Yes, I have personally participated in a boycott before. I was in a huge fight with my dad over something that doesn't seem to matter all that much now but at the time was a big deal. He was calling me immature and what not and told me to go sit in my room till i realized I was wrong. Well, if you knew me you'd know that I'm probably one of the stuburnest people you'll ever encounter so me realizing i was wrong was just not going to happen. My dad told me dinner was ready and i refused to eat becuase I told him I was not leaving my room because i haven't realized anything. He laughed and said im sure you'll come down stairs sooner or later and when you do your dinner will be waiting for you. I sat in my room the entire night and fell asleep without moving to go downstairs and eat. When i wokeup i had a note tapped to my door apologizing for what he had said and telling me that theirs was money on the counter to go to Mc. Donalds and get a big breakfast before school started. Sometimes sticking to your word and what you feel is right comes to pay off in the long run, it defiently did for me, my hashbrowns, pancakes, and sauages mcmuffin were proof of that.
  • I boycotted the dixie chicks.. but only after they made hypocrites of themselves and cried and apologized. IDC if they hated bush they should have stood by there original decision to blast our president at the time and taken the consequences. I love how on the rolling stones its all good, then  they cry about it. AGH!!!
  • Well I would boycott paper money but it's so damn glued into everything that the evil genuises behind it have just about no way of losing.

  • For the most part, I do not participate in boycotts, at least purposely. There are many corporations, companies, and organizations who I find fault with, but for the most part, I do not use their products to begin with, which would be better labeled ethical consumerism rather than a perpetual boycott, or there is no superior alternative, assuming that there is an alternative.


    If, for instance, I find some of the practices of my specific Internet service provider questionable my options would be to look into another Internet service provider. There are two other major Internet service providers in the area. Both do not offer the same service as my original, and while their specific objectionable actions, at least those which are known to me, are not the same which I objected to under my old Internet service provider, they are no better. Also, at the current time, I do not have an Internet service provider, and I am currently connecting through my college's network, which uses the same Internet service provider that I was previously using, and I intend to resume using.


    There have however been occasions where I have participate in a boycott. When TV land took Get Smart off the air, I did not watch the channel for over a year. The other notable incident had a far greater effect, but I will not right of it now.

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