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What oft-repeated quote or common cliché do you find the most annoying when someone says it to you?

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  • Overused cliche - "I want a 110% effort from everybody, every day."

    100% effort, that's asking a lot, but it's possible.
    "maximum effort" that's possible.
    "110% effort" implies that the speakeris a dumbass that doesn't understand simple math.

    Of course, in fifty years of observation, it has been my experience that that last statement is absolutely true.
  • "The exception that proves the rule." I mean, honestly, what does that even mean? I don't think anybody who uses the expression actually knows, they just use it because it sounds intelligent. I'm also a little peeved at "one of the most unique". If it's "unique" there's just one of it, and you can't be "more" or "less unique" any more than you can be "slightly pregnant".
  • Эмоциональная. Я не понимаю этого понятия, не понимаю того, что хочет сказать этим человек? Похоже он просто подписывается под тем, что просто не может меня понять, принять, поэтому и говорит, что я эмоциональная. Помню первый раз мне это сказали, на обсуждении "Надо ли делать в общаге Game-клуб", когда я спросила: "Почему во всех этих рассуждениях, что это всё это во благо народа, эту встречу декан устроил уже после того, когда Game-клуб построили, компьютеры поставили, похоже, даже народ наняли на работу, а теперь рассуждают надо ли это студентам?" (Ведь все уже было решено и делалось из-за денег и ради денег) и в ответ услышала: "Ну эта девушка просто эмоциональная" и всё. С тех пор ненавижу, когда мне говорят, что я эмоциональная!
  • 'Don't hate the player hate the game.' Wtf? Now I hate both of you.
    '...Never mind its nothing' Then why bother interrupting me?

  • Work smarter, not harder - because it is without fail always said by someone who does nothing beyond ambling through the office while doing headcount and who also totally lowballed the equipment budget so that the peons are using the cheapest crap possible. How about you go back in your office and play more Minesweeper while the people here who actually, ya know, WORK can do so without being preoccupied with thoughts of how much fun it would be to cross check you through a window?

    In unrelated news, it will always amuse me that one dog (Pancho) just HATES when Kurtis and I get affectionate and the other dog (Saffy) will sneak back into the room to listen and/or watch if we don't notice. Kurtis just tickles me and and Pancho goes apeshit barking his head off, while Saffy would light candles and turn the Barry White on, if only she had thumbs.

  • F.Y.I.
  • Scary, those are my two and they are God's biggest tests of patience
  • "There's plenty more fish in the sea."
    What the hell. Maybe I wanted that fish!
  • *      *            *             *           *             * So so much has happened in this first week of my sophomore year of college, but while some of it is amusing the majority of my time has been spent up holed at my desk, which oddly feels like a cave (as my bed and pillows are staring in front of me and unless I sit up super straight no one can see me --and vice versa-- plus at my back is Antonia's bed and to my left the wall adorned with nostalgic pictures). Honestly, the first day I was assigned *so* much freaking homework. And it just kept building and building and aughh---it feels like finals week already, and I've been in school for ONE WEEK!!! AUGH!!

    So while I've shared many a laugh, everything else hasn't been that exciting.

    But back to the question at hand:

    It's kind of hard to pick just one, and the one I have in mind isn't exactly...used as often as others, just due to the nature of it...so the quote I'm thinking of is the one that goes "my blood runs through your viens" or some variation of that. It just...irks me for some odd reason. I guess it's because initially, long ago when I first heard it, I imagined someone else's blood literally running through another's veins, and then got all scientific thinking "well if it's the wrong blood type then this will happen...".

    But now? Now I know when it's mentioned (thankfully only rarely) it's either in reference to a certain lineage or ...God knows what else. You know, when I really reflect hard on it I just don't know why. Maybe it's because the person saying it is implying that *their* blood is soooo much better than everyone else's, and the one bearing (?) it is now blessed or special or something. A matter of pride, I suppose on the part of the person uttering it, but I hate it nonetheless. Oddly enough too, only once in real life have I ever heard it, I think. This type of cliche is heard more often in movies, mangas, etc.
  • "There's a lot more fish in the sea" I've always hated that one. It's both cliche and a platitude. For many people it's not so simple as that. I've been trying to get away from "Kill two birds with one stone" I always remember that limo driver in the movie "Blank Check" who said "You can't kill two birds with one stone unless they are itty bitty birds and you have one big stone." Some other bad ones that can be thrown around and I dislike\hate: "You live under my roof you play by my rules" "All is fair in love and war" "Everything is bigger in Texas" artsy-fartsy "beat around the bush"
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