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What are your fitness goals? What is helping or preventing you from accomplishing them?

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  • Just to get fit. Nothing more. Well, lack of equipment, until 2012, I didn't have any, and me gym membership expired, but as of this year, outside of home equipment, I am working out again. This time 4x a week.
  • which does not come out of your head
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  • At the beginning of the summer, my fitness goal was to lose 2 pants sizes before school starts. But i worked my butt of (like crazy, believe me. 2 hours at the gym every single day until the very last few weeks of summer, when i had all sorts of camps and stuff) and i didnt lose any weight at all. I just gained muscle (so i guess i lost some fat weight) and i just became tighter everywhere, which was kinda nice, but i wanted to be thinner. So now, my fitness goal is just to be able to fit in the prom dress i want by prom. I know, typical, but you dont understand how hard it is to try to find a dress for my... chest size.
  • Tone my thighs and lose weight on that area.  What's preventing me from doing that is the excess amount of house chores and my sisters constantly nagging to help them out in everything.
  • Ideally, I'd like to lose 60 pounds, maybe more, we'll see when that happens. It could be that I look like a Greek statue with 240 sticks of butter attached, not too different from this guy: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Story?id=8288934&page=1 One thing that stands in my way is that I tend to make the wrong food choices when I'm feeling stressed. I know, I should do something about that. Also, I like to have a social life, which involves going out to eat quite often, and restaurant food typically isn't conducive to counting calories and sticking to a diet.
  • Lose a few pounds--by doing excercise everyday.
  • I always feel I could look so much better if I lost a few pounds. I'm not huge or anything and I don't think I am very fat but I'd like to be slimmer. I've never been slim, even as a child I was kinda chubby, which hasn't helped. Hummh,,, I'm quite lazy sometimes, which isn't helping, and I tend to eat when I am bored, which is a major downfall of mine. And then there are somedays where I just don't eat, I'm just not hungry... Nonono I don't starve myself or anything like that, I just don't feel hungry. I'm sure that doesn't help.
  • I actually have on my to-do list "blog about fitness goals."  That isn't the first time that the writer's block question has been really timely.  So, without any further ado, my fitness goals:
    • CFT of 1000lb
    • body weight OHS
    • attend a level 1 cert
    • 5 consecutive freestanding HSPU
    • dunk a basketball
    • sub 20min 5k
    • complete all benchmark WODs
    • 50 consecutive pull-ups
    • sub 60 second 400m run
    • body weight snatch
    I know I've written about this before but I follow the Crossfit program pretty strictly and fitness is a big part of my life - more so than even most of those ridiculous people who go to the gym 5 days a week and take a whole shelf full of supplements.  I've learned a ton through the Crossfit programming over the last year and a half and have gotten really scientific about it.  I got my BS in Mechanical Engineering and took a bunch of biomechanical classes my senior year so I have a pretty good base in understanding power output and the mechanics of human motion.  Consequently, I have seen huge results in my own personal fitness in the past year and a half.  

    One of the great parts of the whole Crossfit education is that the information is so easy to acquire.  They have a whole website full of Portland video production instructional videos on all the movements that they use.  I've learned tons (heh, good pun) about Olympic lifting, gymnastics, nutrition, and human performance in general.  They're making a big push to get Crossfit into the military right now and it seems to be working, at least on a grass roots, personal level.  I don't think the military is ready to accept the liability with all the heavy Oly lifting though.
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