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What do you wear to feel confident?

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  • Whatever I wear is what alone makes me feel very confident, especially since I am not a slave to fashion trends, or what people tell me to wear. I wear what I am able to wear, or what I feel looks good to me. Now, unless there is a dress code for a job, or something I have to wear for a gig, or a place I am going to be at, I wear whatever feels right for me. END OF STORY!
  • Being around my incredible boyfriend, Sean “Mixing K” Keffer, is my confidence booster. He’s the booster I need. Just being with me encourages me to do what it is he and I have to accomplish together. Nothing is more awesome than helping our wii bowling team reach victory—even if this is my first chance on being on an all-boys wii bowling team. Only at the first place I lived at was the team co-ed. Last year’s team had all boys, and I couldn’t join because I’d missed the deadline of signing up and trying out. Now—a year later—I can help my team reach massive victory.
  • I feel especially confident when I'm wearing my black shirt that has an eye-catching design of white 'paint' splattered in the the shape of a bulls-eye (front and back), and my favorite, most comfortable pair of bluejeans that hug my thighs slightly and make me feel my hottest :)

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  • I wear things that obviously resemble who I am, or simply to put it, my 'identity'. I like to express a formal and a a bit of a professional attire, yet maintain a little casual at the same time (ex. jeans with a long sleeved button down linen shirt). To me, looking professional brings up my confidence.
  • Life is not fair.

    but who ever said that it would be.


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  • Whatever the hell I want.
  • Absolutely nothing..


    Shivohn is in Croatia! :(

  • Hazardous environment suit under kevlar.
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