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The Right to Privacy

Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?

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  • I don't know. It depends on what issue it is. Like peoples love life. It ruined Micheal Jackson's life. The press isn't always honest.
  • Celebrities are people just like you or me.
    The public should be able to view them at events such as premieres, Award ceremonies etc but their private life should be able to be theirs.
    They should be able to walk down the street, go shopping with friends, fill up their car with petrol or buy groceries without paparazzi hounding them and yelling at them.
    It is a part of their job to be courteous to their fans, however when it is intruding into ALL of their personal lives its not their job. Their job ends when the event ends.
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  • Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?
    i think if your gonna become a celebrity, you have to pay the price.  and the price is no privacy...deal with it basically
  • I think if celebrities want to share that they are pregnant or they are getting married then fine share it.  But, as far as who is dating who I don't see how it is everyone else's business.  As long as it doesn't start to affect their work then let them be.  I hate the photo or video tape scandals.  That IS their business and should stay their business.  For whatever reason they decided to do the photos or the video tape so those should stay private.  I just want to know what projects they have coming up and who they are going to be working with.  That's it.
  • I think some stuff that happens in celebrities lives should be off limits to the public. But also being famous has a price. You have to give up a lot and privacy is one those things. I do think paparatzzi/photographers go too far most times. Like when they camp outside ppls homes or try to get inside homes. Or when famous ppl are out with their kids. And during private matters like when go to doctor or when family member passes away. Heck look at yesterday all the coverage media did right outside place MJ is to be buried.

    What do you think dear reader?
  • I believe that we all deserve our privacy. There should be boundaries where certain things should not be viewed by the public. Such as one girl wants to play on a basketball team but she's built like a man and has a man's voice so their running tests on her to decide whether she should be playing with the guys or girls. I believe that is extremely personal information that she may be embarrassed about  it so they shouldn't just give that information out. Them being famous is because they have talent and they entertain us with it so we don't need to know all of their personal details. 
  • Off limit to the public. Their acting, singing, coaching and etc are their jobs. After that, they're people like us who want to go home, have a rest, spend time with family and neighbors. So leave it at that.
  • I understand that being a celebrity is pretty much saying; "Hey! Come take photos of my private life!" But in all respect I still don't think it's right to have people waiting outside your home with cameras at the ready. Or to be on your way to a night out on the town...In all honesty I would sue every bastard that took a picture of my private life...unless I posed for this picture...You know peace sign and a smile...not with sunglasses and a frown. Anyway...That's just the way I see it.

    Until Next time,

    "Dead Men Tell No Lies"
  • Some parts?..Some parts of their lives ARE private. Like when they take baths with their significant others or make eggs for the brats in the morn, and anyway, if they didn't want to be seen, heard, stalked, photographed and loved, they shouldn't have tried out for that film role. Maybe everyone should go all Thomas Pynchon, the man was photographed once or twice during his entire writing career, (whether he is dead, I do not know.) and has led a successfully famous AND private life.
    And helllooo? Is there not such a thing as a private rural estate? If you're famous, you're rich, and if you're rich, you can pay for your privacy.

    My point is, when people are like, "yeah I want to be a mucisian," they should know what they're getting into with the paparazzi, who, incidently, are a small price to pay for being a star.
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