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Imagine you manage a coven of baseball-playing vampires. The Cullen family is really strong this year and you want to bring in a ringer. Which currently active MLB baseball player do you sire?

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  • Sims Medieval cheas is a resource site gathering all of the various codes and hints for better game play. Many of the codes here are intentional built in by the game developers so don't feel bad for being a cheater if you use them. Basically that's all the hacks that use the cheat console. It's not really cheating if they are left in the game on purpose. I am not putting up any trainers or other illegal stuff about Sims Medieval cheats. If you want that look elsewhere.
  • What the bloody blue hell.


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  • Дата рождения: 29.05.1981 Рост: 172 см Вес: 69 кг Амплуа: Нападающий Номер: 23 Клуб: "Arsenal" (London) Родился 29 мая 1981 в Ленинграде. Начал играть в футбол в возрасте 7 лет. Выпускник футбольной школы "Смена" (тренеры В. Виноградов и С. Гордеев). С 1999 выступал за резервный состав ФК "Зенит". В 2000 году Андрей стал игроком основного состава, дебютировав в выездном матче Кубка Интертото против команды "Брэдфорд", Англия (3:0). Выступал в молодежной сборной России. Дебют в национальной сборной состоялся в мае 2002 в матче против команды Белоруссии. Андрей забил 9 голов за национальную сборную, установив тем самым клубный рекорд. Лучший бомбардир команды в сезонах 2005 и 2006. В 2004 - 2006 годах был вице-капитаном команды, в феврале-марте 2007 года - её капитаном. Неоднократно включался в список 33-х лучших футболистов по версии РФС: под 1-м номером в 2005 и 2006 годах, под 2-м - в 2001, 2002 и 2004 годах. С февраля 2009 года является игроком ФК "Арсенал" (Великобритания) Награды и достижения 2001 – Бронзовый призер Чемпионата России. 2003 – Вице-чемпион России. 2006 – Призы "Лучший Футболист России" и "Лидер Национальной Сборной". 2007 - Чемпион России. Лауреат конкурса "Звезда" газеты "Спорт Экспресс". 2008 - Обладатель Суперкубка России. Обладатель Кубка УЕФА 2007/2008. Бронзовый призёр чемпионата Европы, Обладатель Суперкубка УЕФА. 2009 - Победитель конкурса "Звезда" газеты "Спорт Экспресс".
  • WTF...Why would any one want to watch Edward "woe is me, I am an vampirefairy(he glitters so therefore he is a crossbreed between vamp and fae) ergo a monster not to mention in serious need of prozac" Cullen and his gang play baseball??? O_o

    Hell no if I want to see anything happen to with the Cullens it would be seeing them get their ass handed to them by either Blade or Alucard from the Hellsing manga/anime in a gladiatorarena in the style of the roman empire.

  • YEEEESS!! I have been waiting for this question all this time!!! Anywayz, I think the Cullens would win this one. ... Since they're vamps and all. ... So, Alice would be the greatest player for the chicks. I would get most prolly ---- Antonio Banderas. His arms are so streamlined and strong you could put him next to a tree and the tree would look so unstreamlined and weak. Alice would forsee his pitch, and send him straight to the cleaners. But let's talk facts here people. Emmet, whose name reminds me of the ocean, would be in the 2nd base when this occurs. Rosalie, thinking this is another beauty pageant, slowly walks to the fourth base and hits the latter. The Cullenator, Edward would then jump on Jasper forming their popular D-formation and run forth, godspeeding. The newly hired Antonio Bandy hits the ball and so on. Alice tries to catch the ball, but bumps on the book reading Bella in the center-field. Esmé enters the battle but misdresses causing a double-bogey. The result: Bandy wins and the Cullens unfortunately lose, thinking this was a golf beauty course. Thank You. Carter Becks Ninety-Nine.
  • Okay, I'm 90% Twilight allergic. I can admit there were a few okay ideas, and that Alice chick was cool. But overall, it's crap. Not that I hold that against the fans. We all have our vices, and some of mine are worse than Twilight. So play on, players. But I don't think this question deserved the level of wank it got. I actually think this is an amusing and clever question, and it made me wish I was following the current baseball season so I could give it a good answer. It's creative and topical. So you rock on, seannau, with your genre-crossing question! It made me smile.
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