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Touch-Screen Pros & Cons

How could touch-screen technology enhance the way you currently use your PC? How could it make things worse?

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  • Well, I'd probably be freaked as all hell. Then I'd be more likely to lick the screen than to touch it. But that's just me, haha.
  • I have really mixed feelings about touch-screens in electronics.

    When I used my desktop, I used a mouse all the time, and I was pretty happy with it.  

    Using my laptop, I use the trackpad all the time;  I've learned to use it for Photoshop, video editing, and a whole bunch of things.  I like the range of motions possible with it.

    I think one of the cons that I'd see with a touch pad would be keeping it clean.  I have a lot of trouble keeping my keyboard clean now, and on a laptop, whatever gets on the keyboard gets on the screen when I close the laptop.  I've got a keyboard cover that keeps the keys clean, but it doesn't do anything for the screen.

    I like the idea of the functionality of a touch screen, but fundamentally, for heavy-use equipment, I'd rather keep the touching away from the viewing component.  I don't want to see everything I've touched on the screen.

    Also, companies have said that they've come up with better and better screen materials, but everywhere I look I see touch-type screens that are failing from heavy use.  Electronic signature pads that have gone all blurry from thousands of signatures are one common problem, and touch screens that are out of sync (you touch, but it doesn't line up with the appropriate sensor area.)

    What I might be interested in for a touchscreen is a large touch-sensitive panel that sits on the desk on/near the keyboard thats scaled to the computer monitor.  It would be like a touch screen, but it wouldn't necisarily have anything displayed on it.  Anywhere I touch on the pad moves the cursor porportionally on the screen.  It would be really nice to be able to get "tools" for the pad for fine movements and adjustments, just like some of the professional drawing tablets have (like a fine-point stylus tool, or a variety of stylus that you could calibrate to draw/write/do different things.) Another neat thing to do would be to design some sort of custom keyboard inserts that could be dropped on top of the sensor pad to create custom keyboards for different programs and applications - so you could have a specific keyboard for Final Cut Pro, or one designed to make Photoshop tasks easier. 

  • Who cares.

  • In my opinion, it would be a lot worse. The fingerprints would be a nightmare for me and I would have to constantly be wiping the screen. Yesterday a girl lent me her cell phone, it was one of those Iphones or whatever phone it is that has a touch screen. It was a pain in the ass to dial the numbers because I didn't know if it was actually getting pressed or not (unlike a normal keyboard where the key goes down) and so I would somehow press it like 5 times and it took m like 3 minutes just to dial a phone number. When I was done, the screen was smudged with fingerprints and it kinda grossed me out because I'm a little OCD thanks to my mom but I couldn't wipe it without pressing a million things and since it wasn't my phone I couldn't turn it off, wipe it, and turn it back on. I felt bad giving it back to the girl all smudgy and I was going to apologize but she got a phone call and couldn't talk. Okay now I'm just rambling, but basically, from my short experience with touch screens, it is a huge pain in the ass. When I go down to Barnes and Noble and have to use their touch screen computers to look up a book I hate it. That's why I always try to look up the books BEFORE leaving the house, so I don't have to deal with those annoying computers. I do not believe that a touch screen would enhance my PC in any way, it would only make things worse for me. I like my good ol' reliable mouse and keyboard, keep your fancy schmancy technology.
  • Touch screen like all new mainstream technologies is being thought of as one tool that does it all. I however don't think so. In my opinion it can co-exist along with traditional input methods. The place where it can completely replace them is only on tablets and phones. On personal computers however it supplements the keyboard and mouse. Here's some examples: Cover Flow: instead of using a scrollbar and your mouse to flip through it you swipe your finger across the screen. There was something like that which uses iSight to detect which way you are swiping your finger in the air but I couldn't get it to work on my Mac Mini (maybe it uses core image.... who knows). Quickly rotate images Quickly zoom in\out On a kitchen computer it could replace a mouse. Or if you are doing something quickly on your personal computer you could just tap tap on the screen. But if you where to type up a report you'd still want to use a keyboard since keeping your hands up on a screen for a long time would be very unergonomic. Hell it probably could replace the mouse almost completely but there are still jobs that benefit from a mouse. First person shooters and games that have controls like them come to min. That and the fact that again it'd be uncomfortable to keep your arms up on the screen all the time and you'd be getting it dirty with your finger oils a lot. I'd only use it for small jobs.
  • fingerprints *twitch* so many fingerprints *twitch* must clean every fingerprint

  • 1. It could pull you in
    and the you would be trapped in the computer world forever.

    2. If you don't have hands or feet, what then? 

    3. If you directly connect with the interface it could result in brain control technology.

    4. It might cause you to jump dimensions.

    5. it would make your computer too sensitive.

  • I dont think we really need it for the PC. i love touch screen and all that but on the computer its sorta weird tapping all this stuff especially for when you gotta report or essay. Leave touch screening for the phones and other tech like that.
  • For internet browsing, touch screen might help. Not for typing emails and documents!
  • How could touch-screen technology enhance the way I currently use my PC? I do not know.
    How would touch-screen technology enhance the way I currently use my PC? It would not.
    How could touch-screen technology worsen the way I currently use my PC? Fingerprints.
    How would touch-screen technology worsen the way I currently use my PC? I would disable it, so it would not make things worse.

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