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If you had to tighten your budget (or already have), what would be the easiest thing to cut?

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  • Skip the expensive hair salon and try a do-it-yourself color treatment from the box.

    Even at the risk of a hair disaster (which, I've learned is a very real possibility), I find myself wondering how many people and places could benefit from the money saved.

    Get all you can, save all you can and give all you can." - John Wesley
  • Basically everything besides good food, books and movies to watch.

    I wouldn't even need a mobile phone. Clothes are no big deal either. I don't need 5 jeans or 10 different pair of shoes.

    The easiest thing to cut out are pre-made meals. I would be totally fine if I never could by canned soup oder a frozen pizza again.

  • junk food and clothing
  • i would get rid of my tv definitely. you can basically watch that shit online anyway... so no real use for tvs or vcrs or dvd players anymo. hmmm... i would also never use the air conditioning. but i'm a shopaholic to the fullest so i think this whole "cutting budget" thing would be reallllly difficult because i'd just wanna spend the money i saved on clothes and shoes and bags lol.

    anyways i'm forreal going to bed now...  bye!
  • unhealthy food mascara and eyeliner and buyin clothes and things i want but dont need
  • Clothes, books and tv. (I don't have a digibox, so no tv series for me anyway) I could always use the library and I own enough clothes to get by. :P
  • My budget has been dwindling for quite some time now and for every little bit that I cut out, I find that there is always room to cut out even more. For me, the first thing to go was watching a new release every week. Next came eating out two to three times a week. Then the weekly trips I was making to see my family (about 60 miles round trip). Now whenever I want buy something (that isn't food) I ask myself if I really need it that day or if I can continue to do without it for another week. Every week I find that I can still make do without something and that seems really strange since ours is a shopping society (in the USA anyway).
  • I think, the easiest thing to cut would be clothes and books. I have enough clothes to get me by. And I don’t need to buy those books. If I want to read something, I can always go to my local library and check it out. There are a lot of other things that I can get by without. I can also give up buying coffee from Starbucks and just make my own and put it in a coffee jug when I need to study outside my dorm. I don’t like spending money unless I really need it, so I think, I wouldn’t have a problem cutting my budget if I really need to save for something, I think its manageable. I was planning to buy software, a scanner, and save some money for next year, but I don’t know if I can. School is about to start and I know that there’s loads of things I got to buy for my dorm. I was planning to go to those dollar stores or check around my house for those things. hopefully, the list would fit my budget for this fall semester. 

  • Cable.
  • На еде :) Развлечениях :)
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