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If you could live one day in your life over and over, which day would it be?

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  • I would have to stay the day my boo told me that she loved me and ment it, Cause It really felt right and that whole day was just right for us so yea
  • If I could live one day in my life over and over, it would have to be during the times when my father
    was still with us. It was the best childhood any kid could ask for.
  • The day when I was ending primary school - I have my reasons for that ^^.
  • I'd have to say the day that my bf and I got food and laid out by the lake on a blanket all day together. We ended the day by sitting on the dock in each others arms in silence. It was one of the greatest moments I've ever had. It felt as if the entire world had stopped and nothing mattered at all. I would give anything to be able to have that day at least once a week over and over.
    Lovely Wisconsin weather puts a damper on that! : P

  • the day i die, so each time, i could try and not die.
  • The first day we said "I love you"
  • Pretty much any day in Indiana.
    First day of high school, when me and Rachel spent an entire class period looking for the weight room.
    First Secret Life party, Harold.
    Any party spent at Shannon or Katie's house.
    November 8, 2007, when I put my trust in God.
    Winter Break 2008/2009.
    The time we went to Wendys and Ray spilled the ketchup everywhere.
    Pretty much anytime spent at Wendys.
    Rachel's birthday, THE ZOO!
    My party at the park, and the night that followed.
    Any trip to nationals.
    Horseback ridding in Indiana.
    The 8th grade campout.
    The Christmas that I got my laptop.
    The day I got Gabrina.
    Middle school Snowcamp.
    The weekend I spent fundraising with Gage and Clancey.
    New years in Indiana, when I got to sleep in Nicks arms.
    The day Owen was born.
    First day of kindergarten
    Any adventure with Ray.
    The last day in Indiana when we went shopping and then had the best plane ride EVER.
    Going to the airport at 2am and having WAY to much caffeine.
    Dare2Share 2008.
    When I went to the park with my cousins.
    When I stayed up for 3 days straight.
    The day Leah and I spent trying to figure out how the sinking pool toys worked.
    8th grade formal.
    Last day of 8th grade, Shaving Cream/Food/Party/Flashing/hahaha.
    Hannah's party, Amber, Ashley, Skylar, and me.
    Any time watching scary movies.
    Summer 2008.
    The day we went to Kings and then came to my house and then went to watch a movie. and the sleepover that followed.
    When me and Rachel dressed up super cool and went to get sugary food and then sang hairspray and did sudoku puzzles all night.
    The time me and Amber and Ray walked over to Morgans and played with her neighbors :].
    Halloween 2008.
    Soccer sleepovers.
    Football games as a freshman, especially the one when I thought I was going to die because of horny goat weed :D
    Snipe hunting.
    Camp fires.

    Wow. So many memories.

  • the time when we went to the chesse factory cuss i love chesse and i think it was on
    a Sunday ya it was ha

  • (I'm only doing this 'cause I'm bored.)

    Anyway, I decided to sort all this stuff out. So, I'll start with


    Keep Holding on (PG tops I'd say) ~ Uncompleted ~ WIP ~
    Part: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Revelations (G) ~ Oneshot ~
    Part: 1

    Angel in Blue  (PG) ~ Oneshot ~ Only posted at merlinxarthur ~
    Part: 1

  • that is tough....some day at the cottage in some nice sunny weather...
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