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Writer's Block

Ghost Stories

Everyone enjoys a ghost story. Or at least knows one. What is the scariest ghost story you've ever heard?

Answers (239)

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  • It's not one I've heard, but a real live occurance. I was looking at the fireplace door, when all of a sudden. I saw a woman's face. A few minutes later, she looked like she was suffering.

    ...Did a murder happen in my house? Just the thought of that is creepy...
  • Well I know a really scarey one he or I should say it isnt a ghost or dead but it's still scarey Shae when ever he passes you the song 'I feel the earth move under my feet' springs into your head...Although I dont see him much like once every 3 weeks...It is still very scarey.....

    That was mean oh well.........Im in a FUCK THE WORLD!!!...kinda mood now...... 
  • My mom's. She told us the story about a week ago. She never believed in ghosts (even the afterlife) so when she finally saw one, it made the story even more scarier. Too lazy to narrate it here. I wouldn't want to, either.
  • One sweltering  March evening in 1993, Mike was driving home after attending a school event that was sponsored by his fraternity. It was already 3 in the morning  when he was driving home along one of the major roads in Paranaque. He was heading towards the highway when suddenly a young lady appeared in a corner and was beckoning him for a lift. With her nice evening dress and mysterious charm, Mike couldn't possibly say "no" to the lady. With a lot of props and stuff cluttered in the front, Mike told the girl to get ont he backseat instead.

    "How Come you are on your own at this time of the day?" Mike inquired while eyeing her from the mirror. The girl just threw him a pretty smile and didn't reply.

    "Did you hang out with some friends, perhaps?" Mike, really interested asked further, This time The girl spoke.

    "No. I was on my way home when my car broke down. Please take me home. I will give you my address..." Her Voice although sweet and lovely was quite quivering and lonely.

    "Sure.  No Problem." Mike assured her.

    All throughout the drive, Mike tried started a conversation with her but she appeared very distant, and quiet and timid, He drove rapidly to her destination, and when they have finally reached out the girls's said address, he said "Here we are." When he turned around, the backseat was empty!

    Mike was already feeling strange at the moment. she couldn't possibly have fallen from the backseat, what logical reason could have made her disappear? Mike distraught and already nervous, ran insistently on the house bell. The lights turned on from the house and a tall, middle-aged man, who had just woken up, open the gate. Mike was stuttering and choking as he narrated to the old man what had happened.

    "This Girl gave me your address but she suddenly disappeared from my car." The old man was listening to him attentively.

    Mike Continued, " Please don't think that I am a sick person or something, but... " The old man finally interrupted him and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

    "I believe you, young man," he uttered. "This  has happened several other saturday evenings in the past months that young girl was actually my daughter, NICOLE, She was killed in the accident two years ago in the spot where you had picked her up."

  • Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late on this one... lol...

    the scariest one... (i haven't heard many) was called The Ripper.  I forget what it was about... BUT the other one I do remember is The Babysitter one... It was actually made into a movie last year, or something... 
  • Every other time I said no, but this time in my head I said, "ohhhhh lordddd"
  • Anything by Poe gives me the serious wiggins. Also, the bloody mary episode of super natural scared the ever living shit out of me. Haven't watched the show since. Thanks CW.
  • У нас возле рабочего входа в Музей стоит симпатичное маленькое здание, в котором последние годы жизни жила госпожа Бергман, одна из меценатов искусства, Она договорилась с музеем, что в течение 10 лет после ее смерти все остается нетронутым, как при ее жизни, а потом вся ее коллекция и сам домик будет принадлежать Музею Израиля, Госпожа умерла пару лет тому назад. Там стоят камеры и устройства для обнаружения воров. Наши охранники рассказывают, что время от времени, они получают сигналы, о том что кто-то в доме. Прибегают - и никого!! Значит это ее дух бродит по дому......
    А сейчас я иду петь туда, у нас там репетиция хора.

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