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The World Series begins today, meaning balls will be hit, bases run, and homeruns scored. Remember the first time you got to first base? What was it like?

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  • uhhhhhhhhhhh....

    i don't know how to answer that....
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  • If you're talking about Kickball or something then I'd have to say several times because I used to run like a bat out of hell.

    If you're being funny and sexual I'd have to say never. Seriously.

  • it was the summer before ninth grade. I had just turned fourteen and i was so young and excited. he was sixteen...and sooo unattractive, but i didnt care. he was my veryy first boyfriend and it was our third time hanging out. it was cute, memorable. we were on my front steps and we leaned in and it was just a kiss..my very first. it was the way it was supposed to be. boyfriend and girlfriend are allowed to kiss. i had no idea what kissing could lead to then, of course. i had no idea what a step i was taking. brace yourself.
  • Lol, what a good question... I'm assuming it was supposed to be in a sexual way, anyways. Not everyone does the bases the same, but the way I remember it is:
    1st: Making out
    2nd: Hand to private things
    3rd: Mouth to private things
    Home: ..lol

    So. The first time I got to 1st was.... In grade 7. This guy was new to the school and I decided to be nice and hang out with him because no one really was talking to him. So we were hanging out then he asked me on a date so I was like okay whateves.  So I went to his house (Our date was a movie at his house.. lol at grade 7 dates) and we were just sitting there and he put his arm around me and I was all weirded out so I looked at him and he kissed me and I was like =0. "WHAT?" Then I just went with it.. And yeah. That guy is a TOTAL jerk now. I can't believe my first real kiss was with him. Ew. I kinda regret dating him.. Ever. Oh well.
  • Is this supposed to be a sexual question?
  • I NEVER post on LJ anymore, but I saw that Leesh answered this question and I got such a kick out of it that I decided I had to answer it also. The first time I got to first base, I was 14 and in eighth grade. It was with my first boyfriend, J.T. Gyorfy... I don't remember when exactly it happened. Is that bad? Hahahaha. OH WAIT YES I DO!!!! I went over to his house to watch a movie and afterward I was over by his pool table and then we just started kissing there... Yeah.... I really don't remember much about that relationship. We dated for seven months, his parents really didn't like me all that much, and we made out a lot in stairwells in MHS. That about sums it up. Not too much more on that subject, since we don't talk anymore and he hates my guts, hahahah. HAI GUYZ IM ALIVE LOLZ!!!
  • first time . . . bad second . . . better third . . . amazing fourth . . . . magical fifth . . . .heavenly sixth . . . best ever !
  • In the summer between either fourth and fifth grade or fifth and sixth grade, I went to the Montreat Worship and Music Conference at the same time as a fellow choir member. We went to see Titan A.E. together (my first date, if it counts as a date), and my mom had to go back for something when she was taking us to the car. We kissed behind a rhodedendron bush (which I could find and identify years late) and were going to do it again when we heard Mom coming back. We were kind of dating that week, and never spoke to each other again.
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