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In the past they promised us jetpacks for the future. We’re still waiting. What is your ideal mode of transportation? Has it been invented yet?

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  • Whatever I can get. It would be nice if they made cars people didn't have to physically drive, but instead, work by thought. Same as with them being repaired. They probably will be invented one day. I just hope I can live to not only see it, but drive it as well. One can only hope.
  • anything that can take me anywhere, like a car or plane. They've been invented. One mode might be, as I answered in a writer's block was computer, where you could touch the screen, and it would take you to any place you wanted to go, such as a town, or if someone was bullying you, that house, so you can give them what for. Ha ha ha. :) #elliotrodger
  • I'm so waiting for Larry Niven's Jumpbooths.
  • I'd want 3 modes of transportation: 1. Personal telekinetic flight for everything from the grocery store to putting a star on top of the tree, and 2. teleportation by thought as in "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", and 3. wormholes like in "Contact" for those really long vacations!
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  • Haha, my ideal mode of transportation...hmm. Well I just saw the movie Meet The Robinsons, and I thought it was genius. It was cute how their transportation was bubbles. They had this building where these people would stand on this little platform and a bubble would be mechanically blown onto them. They would get to their destinations standing in a bubble! Talk about the COOLEST transportation ever. But realistic wise, maybe flying cars like the Jetsons, <---I know, pretty original, right? (: OR EVEN, maybe my dream transportation would be MY LICENSE. So I can have a car and get to 0 period on time for once.
  • Teleportation. A quick way to travel, and hopefully even environmentally friendly. Yay!
  • nope..my ideal mode of transportation hasnt been invented yet.  i want a flying car that does not need gasoline (uses organic stuff for fuel or anything that's 70X cheaper than oil) and doesnt pollute the air, has expandable body, has the capacity for 20 people max but can go back to its 2 seater form.something that detects a reckless driver and id's it so it can never touch the wheel again  that's asking much but i think its practical
  • My ideal mode of transportation?  Train or car.  I love to ride in trains and watch the scenery go by.  And the feel of trains is so relaxing.  And cars, because when I drive, it's like I'm in my own little zone of comfort, where I can just think by myself without interuption.
  • Email.

    Obviously I need to be digitized, so I can send myself as an attachment (while leaving a couple of backups behind, obviously). Get me out of the biologic and into a decent substrate, pronto.

    I'm not sure if I'll live long enough to see Uploading. I don't think it's completely implausible that we might see it happen within 50 years. If it's much longer than that I'm going to be relying on some serious biological longevity treatments to stretch out my lifespan. There's a small chance I might live long enough.

    Being digitized would be fun. Instantaneous transportation, from a subjective point of view. Root level access to your own processing, no more being left at the mercy of your own caudate nucleus.



    Finally, the opportunity to give yourself a damn good talking to.

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