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Music and Moods

How do different types of music relate to your moods?

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  • well you read my other entry about fakes,liars,cheaters,w/e. well now i' m gonna talk about the difference between boyfriends and guy friends. so we all have guy friends i assume. well sometimes those guy friends give off signals that make it seem like they're your boyfriend. so you start to like them a lot but when you act like you like them they act weird and everything is awkward. like i really like this guy right now and sometimes he will act like he likes me then other times he wont talk to me at all. it is all very confusing. this kind of relates to the music and moods thing because when he acts like he likes me, i listen to very happy music and when he doesnt talk to me i listen to depressing music.
    some days im very happy,upbeat,and excited.other says im sad,depressed,lazy,mad,and i want to just kill myslef or go after somebody. my mood depends on the music i listen to alot. or sometimes if im sad but thinking about something that i want to happen i will listen to music that will make me forget about that thing and usually songs with a very strong message make me think.
    well comment on this and tell me what you think.
  • the song Numb by linkin park is SOOOOOOO realated to my life!
  • I love to thump base in the car, it keeps me alert and happy.  I sing along and blast the volume.  When I am calm, I choose country music.  Also if I am feeling down, I usually put country on the radio in the car.   I like different types of music on my iPod and just play variety.
  • When I'm upset, a song that has a slower melody, and a sad story to it, helps me deal with whatever is bothering me. When I'm pissed off or Hyper, the music that relates best it one with a fast tempo and a heavy base...being dance music or Metal. Any other mood that falls under happy classical or Indie Rock fits my mood for the slowler body music. and last when i just wanna let lose...Classic rock...i really do have a soundtrack to my life.
  • well i listen to a bunch of different types of music , i can't just listen to one genre .

    when i'm angry i mostly listen to : In Flames , Flogging Molly , Dropkick Murphys , Mad Sin .
    sad : Bedouin Soundclash , illScarlett , Tiger Army , Just sad music .
    Happy : The Ramones , The Clash ,The Beatles , Reel Big Fish , Sex Pistols .
    Stoned : Sublime , The Animals ,Led Zeppelin , Tech N9ne .
  • "How do different types of music relate to your moods?" Music is my life. I can not and will not live without listening to music. There are different times when there is just that one song I want to listen to and then others when I can't stand it. My music taste is all over the board, so it's easy to describe which type i listen to in different moods. Usually, when I feel depressed, I listen to my always loved Seether. The genre rock holds some sort of odd cheerfulness that helps sometimes when I'm in a rut. I suppose you could link it to being depressed and wanting to scream a lot, which is what Shaun Morgan of Seether does a lot in their music. I also like to listen to Evanescence when in this mood. They have that calm depressing music and it just helps to let it out that way. When I'm happy, my music selection is all over. From Tokio Hotel (pop-ish type music) to Seether (Rock) to Garth Brooks (COUNTRY!!!). I guess I don't really listen to that many choices...I have a select few that I listen to constantly. When I hear a song I like, I like it. I can't help what music I'm attracted to. >.>
  • Well, if I'm really awake and in such a good mood, i like techno/rave/dance music because it's so lively and i love dancing to it. if im heart broke, i listen to all these sads songs because it shows that other people feel that way to. and because it makes things easier letting it out then keeping it bottled up. if im tired, i listen to music from the titanic because it's relaxing.
  • The music i listen to doesnt really ever relate to my mood, i listen to anything at anytime regardless of my mood. I can be angry as all hell and ill listen to something rockish, but then the next day, im angry again and ill listen to something calming. i dont have set music for set feelings, i listen to anything for any mood.

  • Music is quite possibly one of the main focal points in my short, yet still on going, life. It helps me escape moods I dislike and get to the ones I enjoy. If I'm upset, be it sadness, anger, or any other emotion that fits in that spectrum, I turn on something loud and explosive that I can scream to or sing to, I want to be able to shut out the world with it. When I am in a good mood it matters little what I listen to as long as the sound appeals to me in some fashion.
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