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Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.

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  • Fiction, of course - in general, fictional books are funner to read, plus there's always some reality in them. I like non-fiction, such as memoirs and textbooks, but I am not nearly as drawn to them.
  • fiction
  • I prefer fiction that is based on some truth. One of my favorite books is the red tent it is based on a biblical story that is supposedly non-fiction but embellished with fictional depictions of the details of the events. 

    It reminds me of finding a fragment of an item buried in the earth and then little by little having to piece together its history with other shards of matter to visualize its true form.

  • Both.
    ~Fiction allows a world that doesn't exist to be there, it shows how imaginative & crazy we as people can be. That we can come up with anything and make a good story about it.
    ~Non-Fiction because it can show how cruel things can really be, and we can relate more.
    Both, You can write thaWriter's Blockt happy ending that maybe you didn't get.

  • Non-fiction, because I feel like I can learn much more from those books. I do like fiction sometimes, but I prefer non-fiction-real life stories
  • Fiction. I'm not even capable of saying anything else. You know what's fiction? Harry Potter, Song of the Lioness, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Twilight... almost everything I read... yeah. Fiction wins.
  • This one's hard. Fiction, I guess. As much as I love history, when faced with a thick tome on the achievements of so-and-so, I won't attack it with the same vigour as one would expect. I learn better from historical fiction, since it's so much more concentrated on one event or person, and I prefer knowing what it was like after Queen Luise's death, rather than having "Queen Luise died on 19 July 1810". It's a bit too impersonal and detached for my liking. One of the best rulers Prussia has ever seen passed away, and it's described in one sentence? I don't really like the idea of that.
  • Fiction. Reading is my escape from real life and my research job. My life is filled with information about other people all the time because of work. So during my free time I'd much rather read a story born out of someone's imagination than a retelling or written account of something that already happened.
  • Reading-wise: Mostly fiction, but I wouldn't mind reading a biography or something like that. TV-wise: Both. But I really care less for the stupid reality shows. I enjoy watching improvised comedy skits. It allows you to fill in the blanks with your imagination.
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