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If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

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  • If i was a cross breed between two animals they would be a wolf and a scorpin. My reason i don't have one but two are my favorites!

  • Стал бы гибридом кратного кварка в свободном состоянии и Перельманна, открыл бы проход в параллельное пространство и съебался бы отсюда без всякой фанеры.
  • A monkey and an opossum. It would give me great tree swinging abilities, I'd be a marsupial, I wouldn't have a stupid monkey face, and I'd have a nasty set of possum teeth, but I'd also have four sets of thumbs.

  • I would be a cross between a bear and a wolf. I would have the bulk and power of a grizzly bear, along with the hunting and gathering instincts of a wolf. Plus I'd have a mix of brown and grey fur. A little mature grey in certain places is damn classy. I'd be all sitting by a tree, with that gray wolf hair on my belly, and all the lady bears and wolves would walk around me, wanting a piece of that hot bear-wolf ass. And I'd be all "LOL I DONT LIKE GURLS" and then walk away to find squirrel to eat.

    I would use my wolf instincts to track down all the people having picnics in the woods I live in and take their food. You are NOT welcome to sit in MY woods without an offering. Just give me that roast beef hoagie and that four pounds of pasta salad, and we'd be square. That, or I can just eat you. Either way works.

  • I would be a Lynx, because I'm solitary , and a Tiger , because I can't stand people coming near my territory , or touching what's mine .

  • I thought there were a few among us who might enjoy this one. 

  • A cat and a fox. I think I have quite a few of the qualities of both - independent, curious, intelligent, occasionally fierce.
  • Если бы вы были гибридом двух животных, каких именно и почему? Ответ:Я и есть Дракон и Козерог,лучшее гибридов не бывает:)

  • A Dolphin and a Octopus because Dolphin's are so friendly and playful it there had tennicals to reach out with. We could actually know there true nature. And would be able to tell the good Dolphins apart from the evil ones. As of now we never have a way of knowing. Which ones might swim with on there fin and save us from the sharks or which ones might bumps us off to make sure they wouldn't get eaten. 
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