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City mouse or country mouse?

Do you prefer to live in an urban or rural environment? Why?

Answers (634)

  • Вот уже больше 10 лет живу на хуторе, где всего 3 дома. В 100 м. от дома начинается лес, в 1,5 км. - река. Но город окончательно не "отпускает" - работа. Только в выходные удаётся отключиться от городской суеты. Но даже эти 1 - 2 дня в неделю общения с живой природой, я ни за что не променяю на постоянное проживание в городе. 
  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Rural, yet within reasonable driving distance to all the action!

  • Urban, less bugs and it takes less gas to get to a shopping center. I won't have to walk a whole block to get to my neighbors. If I get shot then at least pple would know i'd gone missing where as if I were malled by a bear Im screwed. 

  • I perfer to live in an area where it is urban because I dont want to have to travel more that 10 minutes to get to any kind of store.
  • A rural one, it just seems like such a close knit environment. And it seems like it would be more healthier and peaceful. You never hear of people who live to 100 in the city.

  • Rural environments may be more peaceful and quiet, but I would feel bored and lonely because there would be much less people, events, stores, and activities.  Life would be difficult and inconvenient since little technology reaches the country.  If I were to buy supplies and other necessities, it would be a long trip to the nearest store.  Schools, educational sources, and other services, such as healthcare would be very hard to access, too.

    That is why I prefer to live in an urban environment.  Despite the crowds, traffic, and pollution, access to my needs and wants are quicker and easier.  There are schools, stores, and services everywhere.  More people also means more events and activities to keep me entertained.  City life is more fun and convenient.

  • Urban because there are more people and obviously more hot guys.  ;)

  • i rather live in an urban environment. Because im use to be livin in a city that is always surrouded by people n cars all the time. Especially now i live in a city called camden. People may heard of it as the worse city of the country. But i dont see it like that.
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