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City mouse or country mouse?

Do you prefer to live in an urban or rural environment? Why?

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  • This is a question that I revisit from time to time. I grew up in suburbs located in counties that were primarily rural, and visited even more rural areas during family trips (my grandmother still owned the family farm when I was a child and that influenced me. One of my first "when I grow up" desires was to live on a farm.). Both of the houses that I grew up in had a back yard that was met with a farmer's field. Both- you could drive less than five miles and be surrounded by farmers fields. When on tour, fresh out of college, I got a taste of everything. Married life - I've lived close to the city (not a big city, but a city none-the-less). 

    I miss the sounds and the space of rural areas. I miss the real dirt instead of the just dirty that you get with the city (I grow vegetables in a nearby community garden). I miss the extra green space. When I go out to revisit those areas, I feel a greater sense of peace. And, it makes me think that - someday - I will want to move further out.
    But, it's a fact that I hate being dependent on a car. I like the option of using my car, or public transportation, or my bike, or walking. And rural and suburban areas pretty much force you to be dependent on cars. Right now, my work and personal life is enmeshed in the city and I move at that pace. I love the convenience. I love libraries (and rural libraries tend to be pretty awful). I love diversity in people, which is mainly a city trait. 

    Ultimately, I wish I were rich enough to have a city place and a country place. But right now, it'll just have to be city life with visits to the country. 

  • Country country country, fuck your concrete death traps.

  • Hm, that's a tuff choice, I'd have to say rural. I enjoy having more privacy and the scenery. I love nature!

  • I'd prefer to live rural, although the thought of bugs do not excite me, I actually have these small ideal living styles with a nice house and creeks and rivers...large acre land...bears...mice :D.....rats....dogs....HORSES.....livestock....
    It'll be just a secret between you and me though! >3<;)/
  • I daydream about living someplace quaint in Pennsylvania, or a state that that is largely considered "rural" despite having its cities. But, it's so different than what I'm used to, that I think I would become unhappy. I go to Pennsylvania at least once a year, and while I do appreciate its uniqueness (is that even a word?) because it's so quiet, peaceful, and naturally beautiful out there, there comes a times where I say, "okay, time to get back to civilization..." which I know isn't the proper choice of words. I should say "home", to an environment where I feel I belong, where I feel I can fit in more. Long Island is definitely not rural, but I like living in an area where I can get the best of both worlds. At one point, I thought I could live in Manhattan, but I decided it's for the best that I don't. I think it's because I'd like to live in a home instead of an apartment. It's like living in a slightly upgraded dorm suite. I operate better in solitude, not with people all so close to me. Plus, it's less crowded, which is never a bad thing.

  • Ну думаю тут  ответ очевиден ,что подальше от разрушающего наш организм городского смога ).Однако в силу того, что в деревне я например полный ноль во всех вопросах сосуществования с природой один на один ,то мне там и делать нечего .Заболею и зачахну от неумения разжечь печь,простоять  жо кверху в солнцепёк весь день на огороде вырывая сорняки и окучивая грядки..В то время как селянам к этому не привыкать ).

  • URBAN! Always Urban. I don't mind the countryside for days out or pretty evening walks, but no way could I handle living away from everything. I love that the shops are right on my doorstep, and as much as I complain about it,when I'm away from home I miss the noise of the traffic and the chavs! I am most definitely a city girl. :)

  • Что вы выберете - мегаполис или сельскую местность? Почему?

    В деревне лучше, чем в городе. Главное преимущество жизни в мегаполисе - больше возможностей для заработка, зато в деревне - чистый воздух, тишина, спокойствие. И овощи из огорода гораздо вкуснее тех, что продаются в супермаркетах.

  • Although I would *prefer* to live in a rural environment (rural San Antonio ranch country is so pretty! *sigh*), for medical reasons I need to live in the suburbs or city.  If I lived out in the boonies and something were to happen to me, it would take more time to either drive ourselves, wait for the ambulance, or wait to be Life Flighted than if we simply lived close enough to a major medical center that hubby could drive me himself.

  • A rural environment. My family currently lives in the city but the extended portion live in the rural area of my home country. I have visited a few times and I find that the less congestion of human beings around the more happy I am. The farm work I did not mind and knowing everyone in your area seems like a safe spot to be in. It is also much more quiet. The calm and serenity are what really get me, as well as the fact that I am with blood relatives and surronded by people of my own ethnicity is a bonus. I promised myself that when I retire, I will live off my days in the country side.

    I also found that everything that I "needed" in the city was completely nullified when I was out on the farm. Internet was not needed, no shopping malls, basic television was good enough. I think what gets most people annoyed is the fact that they cannot entertain themselves when they are out there and therefor get bored easily.
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