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City mouse or country mouse?

Do you prefer to live in an urban or rural environment? Why?

Answers (634)

  • Urban. Because I enjoy biodiversity.

  • I prefer quiet small town places and in a city I will get lost quite but getting lost is an adventure. I'd prefer rural.
  • Rural with benefits. I like being close to the grocery store and other things, but I don't like cities or traffic.

  • Well my dad said to me the other day, wouldn't you just love to live in the countryside? I was like...no. It's too quiet, there's not much to do and to be frank, it reminds me of emmerdale lol. I like urban areas, because there's such an array of different people and it's not quiet. Yeah it's nice for everything to be peaceful and tranquil for a while...but not all the time.
  • Сейчас, живя в США, выберу комфортабельный пригород. Природа, покой, нормальный трафик, безопасность. И все это при наличии всех благ цивилизации. Современный человек сегодня убегает из задымленных, замусоренных городов.

  • He characterized the rural comfortable and quiet

  • He characterized the rural comfortable and quiet

  • bit of both.  I've always said my dream home would be a house with front and back garden, on a street safe for kids to play in, safe neighbourhood for the cats to go out, but near shops, schools, work and transport.  Not that I'm fussy or anything
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