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It's a Date

What's the best date you've ever been on? What about the worst?

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  • The best dates that I've ever been on are the spontaneous ones that I and my girlfriend go on. Sometimes it's just to going out to eat and a movie or sometimes it's just staying at home and watching a movie. It's romantic to stay at home and just watch a movie together. The only thing that would make it better is if randomly got flowers from my girlfriend. The worst date ever was when one of my exs took me to his family's house for Christmas. Everybody thought that he had paid me to be his date because all of his life they thought he was gay. Look who they should have been worried about! It was funny because I would play around with them more than he would and he got upset because I could do things that he couldn't. By the end of the night, he was mad because his cousins liked me better than him.

  • Hmm...well depends on the defintion of a date. Usually when people think of a date they think of a dinner and a movie. Well in my opinion a date is any activity you spend with some one you are emotionally attracted to. I actually think the best dates are the ones that don't require dinner and a movie. It's when the guy is spontaneous enough to do something out of the oridinary. The best date I have been on was a on mountain bike ride. It was rainly and cloudy day. I was nervous because we went on a steep, slippery, and really muddy trail. Being an unexperienced moutain biker I fell a couple of times. It wasn't the smoothest ride. We did end up riding on a more sublte gravel trail. That went through the woods and ended up by a river. When we arrived at the river we got off our bikes we sat on some rocks after a little chatting and a few laughs we got back on our bikes and headed back to the dorms. On the way we washed our bikes off at a car wash. I feel like adventures are the best dates you can go on. I am a very adventerous person, but I am always exploring on my own. It was so exciting to finally have someone that enjoyed it as much as I did to explore with. Instead of getting all dressed up and go to eat dinner at a nice restaurant, we both got in our spandex went into the woods and got really muddy enjoying each other's company as we biked along.
  • I cant really call it a date, but my bf came over to my house and we hung out and had a great time until he asked me to sleep with him for like 30th time. I had already told that i was NOY going to sleep with him but he was a persistant jerk. He made me happy sometimes and he was a mediocore kisser so i broke up with him that day, October 21, 2009, and i havent spoken to him since then.
  • Oh goodness, The best date i ever went happened to be this past summer. On our first date, he arrived at my house with no plans of the night with a single white rose. He took me to dinner at a Mexican restaurant but it was so much fun. :) Then we went to the movies to see Paranormal Activity. I know it doesn't sound much of an amazing date and it wasn't but... I've never really had a romantic date yet. Although, i have a wonderful boyfriend now that treats me with respect && cares for me. Hopefully one day, he and i will go on a romantic date.

  • I have been with my husband for seventeen years, so we havent been on a date in a long, long, long time...we just go places and do things together and never consider that time together to be a date. But i recently went on a date with a very special someone!! He was a sweetheart, and we had the  best time ever. This person made the night very special, and i dont think i could have had a better time with anyone else. We went to the movies to see New Moon on opening weekend, and after the movie, we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. This person is my fourteen year old son, so i would have to say this would be the best date i have been on in fourteen years!! 

  • The best date I have been on was my first and secon date I had with my boyfriend I am dating now... on the first date we went to the mall, then to taco bell for lunch, then we went back to my house to hangout for a few, then we went back to the mall, and then on our second date we went to sawgrass lake park and then we went to blockbuster and rented movies, then we went to my house and watched the movies, well wouldn't exactly say watched both of them lol.

    My worst date would have had to be with my ex boyfriend because we didnt really have a date at all so guess thats the worst part of NEVER getting a real date? hmm don't you think thats oddly weird? 

  • OMG!!! it was just last year and i was being a good friend and going on a double date with my friend and her bf i got his best friend who is a huge not very attractive man. so i think all i have to do is make it through the movie then i will never have to see this man again. almost 10 min into the movie the guy shoves his hand up my shirt so naturally i freak out and stand up and yell at him right in the middle of twilight. after that i moved away and it was awkward for the rest of the night.

  • I love this question. Haha. Well let's see, I think all my previous dates have been equally nice. I've had fun on all of them, especially the first one. There's nothing like a first date. As for the worst, I have it fresh in my mind because it only happened about a month ago. He and I had been planning it for two weeks prior and when it was almost time, he said "Oh, I forgot that it was my friend's birthday that day so we were going to go clubbing. Did you want to come with us?" And I was bothered by that because every single time I've spent time with him, it was in a club setting where everyone's drunk and loud. I thought, for once we're going to be able to spend some time together, alone. Just the fact that he wanted to cut out our date time to go clubbing with his friends, was pretty upsetting. So I declined as politely as I could. I confronted him about it later, and said that I was bothered by it and why I felt that way and he said he didn't have to go to it, which was really nice of him. Until our date.

    We kind of jumped right into bed when we got to my apartment and went to Third Street afterwards. He seemed like he was in a hurry to get there, and I didn't know why since we had the rest of the day together anyways. When we got there, he said, "I have something to tell you. I actually really want to go clubbing with my friends. I'm really sorry." I couldn't believe that he was actually going to go. But I played it off as to avoid any awkwardness. After having dinner, we went back to my apartment until he needed to leave. My roommate/friend called me to ask me how it was going and he found out that my date was going to ditch me to go clubbing. So my roommate pulled me outside and said that my date was a jerk for that and if I didn't tell him to get out, he would. I couldn't argue with him because he was kind of right. My date and I went back to his car and I told him why we had to leave the apartment. So I called it a night and left. Leaving me on our night together was the least romantic thing anyone's ever done on a first date. It was especially worse because he said he wouldn't prior to my agreeing to it. Basically, he and I don't talk anymore. I wouldn't be opposed to talking to him, but I'm not going to just forget it.
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