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<a href=""><img align="right" width="220" alt="Marked-up image of an album in Scrapbook" border="0" src="" title="Demonstration image" width="300" /></a>
<ul><li><strong>Image title</strong>: The albums's title appears on the left side of the upper management-bar above the image. Newly created albums default to being named today's date. To change this just click on the current name; you will now have a text-entry field and an okay button. Simply type in the new title and click "OK".</li>
 <li><strong>Description</strong>: The description appears at the very bottom, below the lower management-bar. When you create the album the description defaults to "(no description)". To change this just click on the current description; you will now have a text-entry field and an okay button. Simply type in the new title and click "OK".</li>
 <li><strong>Security</strong>: You can change the album's <a href="lj://faq/255" title="FAQ #255: [[faqtitle:255]]">security</a> by clicking on the icon that appears in the right of the upper management-bar. You can select from Everyone (Public), Friends, Just Me (Private), or any of your <a href="lj://faq/102" title="FAQ #102: [[faqtitle:102]]">custom friends groups</a>.</li>
 <li><strong>Delete</strong>: To delete the image from your Scrapbook, click on the <b>Delete</b> link towards the right side of the upper management-bar. This will bring up a confirmation box, warning you that deleting the album will delete all images contained inside and remove them from any entries in your journal. If you still want to delete the album, press "Remove". If you've changed your mind, press "Cancel".</li>
 <li><strong>Upload</strong>: If you choose to <a href="lj://faq/246" title="FAQ #246: [[faqtitle:246]]">upload an image</a> while viewing a gallery, that gallery will be pre-selected from your list of galleries in the image upload dialog box.</li></ul>

<h3>Album cover</h3>
You can set any image in an album as the cover image for that album by <a href="lj://faq/252" title="FAQ #252: [[faqtitle:252]]">clicking on the image</a> and then clicking the <b>Set as cover</b> link on the image display page.

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Albums are collections of images that you have <a href="lj://faq/246" title="FAQ #246: [[faqtitle:246]]">uploaded to Scrapbook</a>. You can create new albums in a couple of ways: 1) Click the <b>Create album</b> link in the upper management-bar of your <a href="http://[[username]]">Scrapbook</a>. 2) Choose <b>(Create new)</b> when <a href="lj://faq/252" title="FAQ #252: [[faqtitle:252]]">moving an image</a> to a different album or <a href="lj://faq/246" title="FAQ #246: [[faqtitle:246]]">uploading images</a>.
Once you have created an album you can change its title or description, change its security setting, or delete it and all the images it contains.