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What are the common advanced customizations?

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<a name="realign"></a><h3>Moving Your Entries to One Side</h3>
Most layouts support changing page <a href="">width</a> and <a href="">alignment</a> on the <a href="">[[gmlitem:/customize/options.bml.title]]</a> page. For the ones that don't, you can move your entries to one side of the screen, or change the size of the entry tables, by using a "<a href="">Content Resize Realign</a>" tutorial from the <lj user="s2howto"> journal's memories.

<a name="headerimage"></a><h3>Adding a Header Image</h3>
Adding a header image to your LiveJournal can be done by using a "<a href=>Header Image</a>" tutorial.

<a name="commentimages"></a><h3>Adding Images Between Your Comment Links</h3>
To add an image in between your "post comment" and "read comments" links, you can use a "<a href="">Comment links - images between</a>" tutorial.

<a name="reverseorder"></a><h3>Reversing the Order of Your Entries</h3>
It is not possible to completely reverse the order of your entries, but you can reverse the order of the entries on each page of your journal. For example, if you have 20 entries on your page before skipping back, it will show your most recent 20 entries in reverse order. Some layouts include support for this customization; a list of these layouts is available <a href="">here</a>. If your layout is not on that list, it is still possible to change entry order by using a "<a href="">Reversing the order of the entries</a>" tutorial.

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<div class="warningbar">Some of the information discussed in this FAQ applies only to accounts with <a href="lj://faq/21" title="FAQ #21: [[faqtitle:21]]">Professional</a> and Permanent packages of service. To check your account type, please see your <a href="[[journalurl]]/profile/">profile page</a>.
<small>&rarr; <a href="lj://faq/38">More information on account levels</a> &nbsp;&nbsp; &rarr; <a href="lj://faq/131" title="FAQ #131: [[faqtitle:131]]">account with Professional package of service benefits</a></small></div>
S2 was designed for styles to be primarily customized through the use of wizards. Each style has <a href="lj://faq/171" title="FAQ #171: [[faqtitle:171]]">different customizations</a> available. If the style you are using does not have the feature you want, you can switch to a different style. If you have an <a href="lj://faq/21" title="FAQ #21: [[faqtitle:21]]">account with Professional package of service</a>, you can create custom layers to achieve the effect you want. Many tutorials are style-specific; if your style is not listed, you will need to select a different tutorial and modify it to fit your needs.