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How do I post by email?

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Your emailed entry will post correctly if it is sent in plain text format (not rich text or HTML format). If you want to disable automatic formatting, use the <a href="" title="FAQ #26: [[faqtitle:26]]">&lt;lj-raw&gt; tag</a> instead of the web interface's <b>Auto-Format HTML</b> option.

Additionally, you can use <a href=>these instructions</a> to post to a community via email, specify current mood and music, and add image attachments. If you are logged in when you read the instructions, the examples will be customized for your account.

<a name="pin"></a><h3>PIN</h3>
If you create a PIN, you will then be able to post by sending email to <b>[[username]]</b> with the PIN in the subject or the body of the message, or by sending email to <b>[[username]]+<i>PIN</i></b> (<a href=>more methods</a>). Replace <i>exampleusername</i> with your username if necessary, and <i>PIN</i> with your PIN.

<a name="pgp"></a><h3>PGP or GPG Public Keys</h3>
If you would like to use your <a href=>PGP or GPG public key</a> for authentication, you will need to upload it to LiveJournal and configure your email client to support the sending of emails which have been digitally "signed" to prove the identity of the sender. If you would like to create a key, or need more information about <a href=>PGP</a> and GPG public keys, please see for PGP information, and for <a href=>GnuPG (GPG)</a> information. Posting to LiveJournal requires GPG 1.2.4 or later.

Once your email client has been configured to support digitally-signed email (please see your client's documentation for more details), you can use your public key as a means of identification, and you will not need to use a PIN. You can paste your public key into the field provided on the <a href="">Set Public Key page</a>; once you have clicked the "Save Settings" button, this key can be accessed via the yellow key icon on your <a href="[[journalurl]]/profile">User Info</a> page.

</lj-raw><a name="troubleshooting"></a><h3>Troubleshooting</h3>
If you have problems posting by email, or if your posts do not appear, you can view your <a href=>last 50 email posts</a>, along with any error messages, for troubleshooting.

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All users can post by email. On your <a href="">Mobile Post Settings</a> page, start by setting an allowed sender address and an authentication method (PIN, PGP or GPG public key).