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How do I record a voice post to my journal?

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You will be prompted to enter your authorized phone number (or to press # if you are calling from that phone number) and enter your PIN. Record your message, and then press the # key to hear the posting options:<lj-raw>
[&nbsp;<b>1</b>&nbsp;] Re-plays your message.<br />
[&nbsp;<b>2</b>&nbsp;] Re-records your message.<br />
[&nbsp;<b>3</b>&nbsp;] Posts your message publicly.<br />
[&nbsp;<b>4</b>&nbsp;] Posts your message privately.<br />
[&nbsp;<b>5</b>&nbsp;] Posts your message Friends-only.<br />
[&nbsp;<b>6</b>&nbsp;] Posts your message to your voice post Friends group, if you have specified one.<br />
[&nbsp;<b>9</b>&nbsp;] Deletes your message and ends the call.<br />
</lj-raw>Choose your posting option and listen to the confirmation. When you hang up after choosing to post your message, your voice post will appear in your journal within a few minutes.

Others may then <a href="lj://faq/184" title="FAQ #184: [[faqtitle:184]]">play or transcribe the voice post</a>, according to your settings.

If you delete an entry containing a voice post, you cannot re-post the audio file to another entry or recover it from the <a href="">file manager</a>. Voice posts are associated with an individual entry, and the entry they are associated with cannot be changed.

 <li><strong>Length</strong>: Each voice post can be at most five minutes long.</li><br />

 <li><strong>Frequency</strong>: Account without additional packages of services can make 5 voice posts per month, while accounts with Professional and Permanent package of service can post 20 per month. This count resets at the start of each calendar month. Deleting existing voice posts will not allow you to post new ones, if you have reached your limit.</li><br />

 <li><strong>Storage Space</strong>: In addition to monthly limits, your <a href="">storage space</a> is limited based on your account type:<br /><br />
  <li><em>Account without additional packages</em>: 1 GB (or <a href="lj://faq/21" title="FAQ #21: [[faqtitle:21]]">upgrade to an account with Professional package of service</a>)</li>
  <li><em>Account with Professional package of service</em>: 100 GB</li>
  <li><em>Account with Permanent package of service</em>: 15 GB</li>
 </ul><br />

Your storage space contains your voice posts, <a href="lj://faq/246" title="FAQ #246: [[faqtitle:246]]">ScrapBook files</a>, and <a href="lj://faq/1" title="FAQ #1: [[faqtitle:1]]">userpics</a>. If you exceed your storage space without exceeding your monthly limit, you must delete some files (or upgrade your account) in order to create more voice posts.</lj-raw>

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To post audio recordings to your journal, first <a href="">set up your voice post preferences</a>. You can then record your message by calling either (888) 840-6189 or (888) LJ-VPOST (558-7678).