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English (LJ):
By default, LiveJournal comment times use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), also known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). If you choose to <a href="" title="[[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.title.self]]">set your local time zone</a>, comment times will display in your local time zone on pages that support comment time zones. All <a href="lj://faq/186" title="FAQ #186: [[faqtitle:186]]">site scheme</a> and system style comment pages support comment time zones, but <a href="lj://faq/175" title="FAQ #175: [[faqtitle:175]]">customized comment pages</a> with <a href="lj://faq/176" title="FAQ #176: [[faqtitle:176]]">custom S2 layouts</a> will display comment times in the default comment time zone (UTC/GMT) until the style owner <a href="">adds support</a>.

LiveJournal comment times are automatically assigned when they are posted, and cannot be set or edited to a specific time. Comment times may have additional text, such as "(local)", "UTC", or "GMT", and will appear to vary if users set different time zones.