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Where can I get RSS, Atom, or other data feeds of my journal?

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<b>Journal Feed URLs</b>: Your journal's Atom and RSS feeds are located at the following URLs:<ul><li><b>Atom</b>: [[journalurl]]/data/atom</li>
<li><b>RSS</b>: [[journalurl]]/data/rss</li></ul>

<b>Friends Page RSS</b>: Your Friends Page RSS feed is located at the following URL:<ul>
<li><b>RSS</b>: [[journalurl]]/data/rss_friends (available only to accounts with <a href="" title="FAQ #131: [[faqtitle:131]]" rel="nofollow">Professional package of service</a>)</li></ul>

<b>Community Feed URLs</b>: Your community's Atom and RSS feeds are located at the following URLs, replacing "communityname" with your community:<ul><li><b>Atom</b>: http://<i>communityname</i></li>
<li><b>RSS</b>: http://<i>communityname</i></li>
</ul><br />
<b>Feed Content</b>: Feeds display 25 recent entries (excluding entries <a href="" title="FAQ #91: [[faqtitle:91]]" rel="nofollow">dated out of order</a>): the subject (when present); all, part, or none of the entry text; and a link to the entry. By default, all of the entry text will be present; you can change that by going to the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Admin Console</a> and using one of the following commands:
<blockquote>set synlevel title
set synlevel summary
set synlevel full</blockquote>to include the title (subject) line only, the beginning of the entry, or all of the entry, respectively. For communities you manage, you should use one of the following commands instead:<blockquote>set for <i>communityname</i> synlevel title
set for <i>communityname</i> synlevel summary
set for <i>communityname</i> synlevel full</blockquote>replacing in the command <i>communityname</i> with your community.

<b>Tagged Entries</b>: View entries with a specific tag by adding <b><i>?tag=tagname</i></b> to the end of the feed URL, replacing <i>tagname</i> with the actual tag name. If there are spaces in the tag name, you will need to replace them with "%20". If you want to view two or more tags at once, separate the tags with commas: <b>?tag=<i>tag1</i>,<i>tag2</i></b>. If the feed URL already contains a question mark, add <b>&tag=tagname</b> instead.

<b>Protected Entries</b>: Protected entries are included only if you <a href="" title="FAQ #306: [[faqtitle:306]]" rel="nofollow">send proper authentication</a> with the request for the feed.

<b>FOAF</b>: Each journal's <a href="" rel="nofollow">data feeds</a> include a FOAF file ("<a href="" rel="nofollow">Friend-of-a-Friend</a>"). By default, everyone on your Friends list is placed in the FOAF "knows" section, but you can change this by creating a <a href="" title="FAQ #102: [[faqtitle:102]]" rel="nofollow">custom Friends group</a> called <b>FOAF-knows</b>. If you already have an external FOAF file, you can put the URL into the option tagged "foaf" on the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Change Settings</a> page.

<b>OPML</b>: An OPML file for external feed-reading programs containing the RSS URLs of each account on your Friends list is available at <a href="" rel="nofollow"><wbr />l?user=[[username]]</a>.

<b>Friends Page Feeds</b>: users of accounts with Professional and Permanents package of service can find RSS feed of theis Friends Page here: <i>[[journalurl]]/data/rss_friends</i>.

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All LiveJournal accounts have Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0, and other <a href="" rel="nofollow">data feeds</a>. These feeds show your recent public entries, friend relationships, and interests.