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<a name="forwarding"></a><h3>Setting Up Domain Forwarding</h3>
Go to the <a href="">Domain Aliasing</a> page. Enter your domain name in the text box. You also need to have your domain name's DNS point to LiveJournal. This is done by creating a CNAME record that maps your domain to <b></b>.

Previously LiveJournal recommended using either an A record pointed at our numeric IP address or a CNAME record, but because our addresses have changed and will change again in the future, we can no longer support nor recommend using A records for domain aliasing. As a consequence of requiring a CNAME record, you will not be able to forward your primary second-level domain to LiveJournal (i.e., as you cannot set up a CNAME record on a second-level domain. You can only forward a subdomain (i.e. or

<a name="troubleshooting"></a><h3>Troubleshooting</h3>
Since LiveJournal does not provide DNS services, you can't use domain forwarding if your domain registrar only allows you to control your NS records, does not allow you to change any DNS records yourself, or does not allow you to request changes to DNS records. If you don't know how or whether you are allowed to change DNS records, you will need to contact your domain registrar and explain that you want your domain's <b>CNAME</b> record to point to

Changes to your domain's DNS may not be immediately visible to all visitors. If no one is able to view your journal at your domain after 48 hours, make sure your domain has been entered correctly on the Domain Aliasing page, and consult your DNS provider's technical support to make sure all settings with them are correct. If most visitors can view your journal at your domain after 48 hours, but some visitors are still unable to, they should <a href="">empty their browser's cache</a>, <a href="" title="howto: Clearing DNS Cache: Windows, Macintosh OS X and OS X 10.5, and Linux" rel="nofollow">empty their computer's DNS cache</a>, and if the problem persists, contact their internet service provider to make sure there is no outdated DNS information cached.

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All users can forward a subdomain of a domain they control to their LiveJournal, after a short setup process.

<!-- Please note that you will not be able to view <a href="" title="FAQ #24: [[faqtitle:24]]" rel="nofollow">protected entries</a>, nor will you be able to view <a href="" title="FAQ #281: [[faqtitle:281]]" rel="nofollow">entries or journals marked as inappropriate for minors</a> through a forwarded domain, as your LiveJournal cookies will not forward to an off-site domain. -->Please note that LiveJournal does not provide <b>DNS services</b>. You will need to obtain DNS services from your web hosting provider or your domain registrar.