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In these cases, your local authorities will want to see the harassing or threatening comments or entries in their original location and context, particularly if you want to press charges or obtain a restraining order. Because of this, the Abuse Prevention Team will generally not require the removal of such content until after you have spoken with your local authorities and they have obtained the proper paperwork.

All that the Abuse Prevention Team can do is require that the content be removed. We cannot affect the emotion that caused the user to make the threat in the first place. In many cases, intervention by the Abuse Prevention Team will only serve to make the situation more volatile. It is vital that you contact your local authorities before you contact the Abuse Prevention Team, as they will know what to do in your particular situation.

Likewise, once a comment or an entry is deleted from LiveJournal's servers, it cannot be retrieved, and therefore in many cases cannot be used for evidence. The Abuse Prevention Team will not act until after you have confirmed with your local authorities that the removal of any threatening content will not have negative consequences for any potential court case.

LiveJournal will do everything possible to cooperate with your local authorities. We can't provide IP addresses for all users who use the service, nor can we provide the contents of deleted entries or comments, but we can provide limited information. In order to release any of this information, we will need a court order.

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If someone is stalking or threatening you on LiveJournal, you should immediately contact your local authorities. There is nothing that LiveJournal can do to protect your real-world, physical safety. Your local authorities are the only ones who can help you in this situation.