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<h3>Managing Your Custom Friends Groups</h3>
Create, edit, and delete groups on the <a href="">[[gmlitem:/friends/editgroups.bml.title2]]</a> page.<ul>
<li><strong>New Group</strong>: Create a new friends group by clicking the <b>[[gmlitem:/friends/]]</b> button. You can create up to 30 custom friends groups, and their names can be up to 40 characters long.</li>
<li><strong>Edit Members</strong>: Select a group name to see the list of group members, then move users in or out of the group by selecting their usernames and clicking on the <b>&gt;&gt;</b> or <b>&lt;&lt;</b> buttons.</li>
<li><strong>Change Order</strong>: Select a group name, then click the <b>[[gmlitem:/friends/]]</b> or <b>[[gmlitem:/friends/]]</b> buttons to change the group order when adding friends or posting entries.</li>
<li><strong>Rename Groups</strong>: Select a group name and click the <b>[[gmlitem:/friends/]]</b> button to show all entries filtered to the old group name to members of the new group name. If you want to delete one group and create another with different members, you should create a new group instead of renaming an existing group.</li>
<li><strong>Change Security</strong>: By default, friends groups are private, so only you will be able to <a href="lj://faq/219">filter your Friends page</a>, and only when you are logged in. However, you can select a group and click the <b>[[gmlitem:/friends/]]</b> button to allow other users to filter your Friends page according to these groups. If you make your "Default View" public, then visitors to your Friends page will only see entries from members of that group, instead of from all your Friends. Regardless of the security settings, you are the only one that can see a list of your custom friends groups and their members.</li>
<li><strong>Delete Group</strong>: Select the group name and click the <b>[[gmlitem:/friends/]]</b> button. Any entries filtered to a deleted group will still have <b>Custom</b> security with no group selected, so they will only be visible to you. If you create a new group with the same name, entries from the old group will not be shown to that new group. You will need to edit the security level on each entry in the old group if you want other people to see it.</li>
<h3>Editing Custom Friends Groups with Downloadable Clients</h3>
Many <a href="lj://faq/158" title="FAQ #158: [[faqtitle:158]]">downloadable clients</a> allow you to create, edit, and post entries to custom friends groups. For information on a specific client, consult its documentation or menu options.

If you create new friends groups through the web interface while your downloaded client is running, you may need to restart the client program in order to view and post to your new friends groups.

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After adding some or all of the people on your Friends list to <a href="">custom friends groups</a>, you can use these groups to <a href="lj://faq/24" title="FAQ #24: [[faqtitle:24]]">restrict who can see an entry</a>, to <a href="lj://faq/219" title="FAQ #219: [[faqtitle:219]]">filter your Friends page</a>, to <a href="lj://faq/259" title="FAQ #259: [[faqtitle:259]]">filter your Mobile Friends page</a> and to <a href="lj://faq/226" title="FAQ #226: [[faqtitle:226]]">restrict tagging permissions</a>. Community maintainers can create custom friends groups for their communities to filter the community friends page and restrict tagging permissions.