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How do I make all my journal entries Friends-Only, Private, or Public?

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<a name="minsecurity"></a><h3>Minimum Security for Future Entries</h3>
Any user can set a minimum security level for all future entries. For example, setting this option to Friends-Only or Private will prevent you from accidentally posting a public entry that you meant to post at a protected level. This option, "[[gmlitem:setting.minsecurity.label]]",<wbr /> can be set on the <a href="">privacy tab</a> of the settings page.

When you change the minimum security level of your journal, the <a href="">[[gmlitem:/update.bml.title2]]</a> page will default to your minimum security level and will not allow you to choose a less restrictive level. Entries posted using off-site update methods, such as <a href="" title="FAQ #158:
[[faqtitle:158]]">downloadable clients</a> or <a href="" title="FAQ #187:
[[faqtitle:187]]">posts by email</a>, will also respect your minimum security level, even if the external interface does not reflect this. If you wish to post an entry with less restrictive security than your minimum, first post it with your minimum security, then <a href="" title="FAQ #2:
[[faqtitle:2]]">edit it</a> to change the security setting.

If you specify a more restrictive security level than your minimum security level, LiveJournal will use the more restrictive one. For example, if your minimum security level is set to 'Friends' and you select 'Private', the entry will be set to 'Private' since 'Private' is more restrictive than 'Friends'.

<a name="banner"></a><h3>Friends-Only Banner</h3>
Some users add a "banner" or other image to their journal which tells visitors that their journal is Friends-Only. If you want to <a href="" title="FAQ #6:
[[faqtitle:6]]">add this type of image</a>, your image needs to be:
<ul><li>posted in a public entry</li>
<li>uploaded to a site or image host that allows <a href="" title="FAQ #130:
[[faqtitle:130]]">remote loading to LiveJournal</a>.</li>
If you want your banner entry to stay on the top of your journal, ahead of later public entries, date your banner entry in the future and select the <a href="" title="FAQ #91:
[[faqtitle:91]]">"[[gmlitem:entryform.backdated3]]"</a> option when posting the futuredated entry. Unless you enable this option, you will receive error messages when posting new entries with the current date.

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All users can use the <a href="" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow">[[gmlitem:/editprivacy.bml.title]]</a> page to edit the privacy of multiple entries all at once. This page can be used to change the security level of a group of entries that is currently Public, Friends-only, or Private to another one of those three security levels. There is no way to use this tool to move to or from the Custom security level, but you can quickly change or remove access to those entries by <a href="" title="FAQ #102: [[faqtitle:102]]" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow">editing your custom friends groups</a>.

Please note that any entry that was previously posted with a Public security setting may have been indexed and cached by third-party <a href="" title="FAQ #50: [[faqtitle:50]]" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow">search engines</a>, and may appear in search results even if the entry's security has been changed.

You can also set a <b>minimum security level</b> for all future entries in your journal and add a <b>"Friends-Only" banner</b>.

<small>Do you want to <a href="" title="FAQ #234: [[faqtitle:234]]" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow">change the security of your community</a>?</small>