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What is LiveJournal?

LiveJournal is a global social media network with millions of blogs and thousands of communities whose members discuss and share anything and everything. LiveJournal is thousands of photos and videos uploaded daily. LiveJournal is where the action is. Join us!

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FAQ: What is LiveJournal?
LiveJournal News
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LiveJournal helps you get in touch with other bloggers who share your interest and join them in relevant communities. There are thousands of communities at LiveJournal: parenting and cats, shopping and travel, gadgets, photography, politics, beauty, work and study, fanfic and celebrities. You will always be able to find people who share your interests. And if you cannot find the community you are looking for, you can always create your own.

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What is a community?
How do I find a community?
How do I join a community and read its entries on my Friends page?
How do I create and manage a community?
Community directory
Search for users by interests
Start reading!
There are millions of personal journals and communities at LiveJournal. Each day their owners write something interesting, publish their photos and share videos. Even if you don’t plan on writing your own blog, you should know that the easiest way to read blogs and communities is through your Friends page. If you haven’t done so already, join LiveJournal and set up your Friends page — add your friends, interesting bloggers, communities and RSS feeds. Create your very own media with content that you find interesting.

Useful links:
Where can I read the entries my friends post? What is a Friends page?
What are Friends? How do I manage my Friends list?
How do I join a community and read its entries on my Friends page?
How do I watch feeds on my Friends list? What are syndicated accounts?
Mobile LiveJournal
If you have a mobile device with Internet access, you have access to LiveJournal. You can use it no matter where you are. Our mobile apps allow you to read your Friends page, post new blog entries, upload photos and comment on what your friends wrote. Always keep in touch with LiveJournal and your friends!

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LiveJournal Mobile
Mobile settings
LJ Mobile community
Start writing!
LiveJournal has everything a blogger would need to start his or her own blog. Write about what’s important to you. Share your photos. Be as open or as private as your want: use LiveJournal to support some cause, share your hobbies or keep in touch with friends and relatives. Make new friends. Get into discussions and create together. Join communities and connect to people who share your interests.

Useful links:
How do I create an account? How do I get started?
How do I post an entry to my journal?
How do I add images to my entries, comments or profile?
How do I control who can read my journal entries?
Everything you need to know about posting entries
What is a community?
Design your own journal
LiveJournal has hundreds of specially designed layouts and blog skins, but that is not all — you can make your journal design truly original by adding background images, playing around with layout or engaging in some serious customization. There are many communities where you can ask questions about a particular style layout and find full tutorials on how to customize your journal, plus LiveJournal offers a lot of information in its FAQs on design and customization.

Useful links:
How do I customize the look of my journal or community?
How do I add a background image?
How do I add external content/free text/”widgets” to my journal?
How do I create a custom style from scratch?
How do I embed my LiveJournal into my website?
Connect your LiveJournal to other social networks
When LiveJournal first appeared, there were no Facebook or Twitter, but today many of us have accounts in these social networks. LiveJournal lets you share your blog posts with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends, and it works the other way too - for example, you can share your Twitter updates with your LiveJournal friends daily or weekly.

Useful links:
How do I have my Twitter updates imported daily to my journal?
How do I share my entries on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and other services?
How do I use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools with my journal?

Have Questions?

Our Support team can help answer questions about using LiveJournal and how to get the most out of your journal / blog. The Support section has frequently asked questions as well as a contact form when you need more information about the service, the company, and the community at large.