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Important information

Note: You have not yet flagged this content. Please review the following options and select the one that best fits your concerns.

About Adult Content
LiveJournal is committed to allowing users to post a wide variety of content, but we recognize that certain types of content should not be accessible to younger viewers. As a result, we allow content to be marked as not suitable for viewing by minors. Explicit adult content is not a violation of our User Agreement, and therefore we will not modify or remove such content from the service. However, content marked as explicitly adult will be hidden from viewers under the age of 18, and you may be asked to confirm your birth date before viewing such content.

Criteria and Conditions
If the content you have selected to flag is graphic and explicit in nature (for example, an image which contains nudity, sexuality, or violence), you may choose to (but are not required to) report it as being explicitly adult. If the content is not graphic or explicit in nature, it should not be reported as explicitly adult because it is not classified as such under our Adult Content Policy. You may review all of our abuse policies here.

Note: If you believe that this content is spam, please read this page.

Reporting Content
If you report this content, it will not immediately be marked as explicitly adult. The content is first reviewed by the LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team, who then determines if the content is explicitly adult.

If you believe the content you have selected to flag meets the criteria above, you may submit a request for review.

If you believe this content doesn't meet the criteria above, but violates the User Agreement (including, but not limited to, the content not abiding to the requirements of the applicable laws), you need to contact the Abuse Prevention Team.