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winged.girl (unicraze) wrote,
@ 2002-04-04 16:20:00
Music:Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

in a show with everything but yul brenner....
I don't want to talk. I don't want to bother with the walls I've made. I can't live with them and I can't live without them. This is America:

Funny~ I remember that day at TIP when that multimillionaire came to talk to us about AI and he talked about spirituality becoming important in the future, because computers just can't have it.
Think about that for a minute.

And I remember a day when I talked to Sarah R about spirituality and she seemed to think that most of the class was Christian, but I didn't. She was like, "Paul believes in that first mover thing... and Zeke believes in God, sort of...." No, Sarah. I took note of it at the time because I was interested in this theory I had about some kind of confirmation bias, but now I'm thinking about how I don't know anyone who doesn't have some kind of spirituality. Sam mentioned the other day how she thought it was weird that everyone's reason for not wanting to die related to "what happens next"-- nonChristians are scared that there's a God; Christians are scared that there isn't.
Now think about *that.*

Whoa. That blows my mind. Cause-and-effect..? Which would you *rather*--that there IS or IS NOT an afterlife? And what do you believe? And I'll bet you anything that either they're in synch or you're very unsure of what you believe. Maybe what people are -really- fearing is just that they're wrong. I mean, what's to fear about nothingness? (Hell I can understand, but most atheists/agnostics I know are of the opinion that if there is a God then, well, they're good people and He'll let them go to Heaven.)

Oy. That's enough about that for now. What about the OTHER part of spirituality?




Okay, so my brother was naming off random facts today about "some weird poet" and after he mentioned that the dude died at 39, I was like DYLAN THOMAS! "Yes, how did you know?" Dylan Thomas is one of my favorite poets. "But he's neurotic." Yes well. Most poets are. *blink*

Okay, so the question is... do (poets/musicians/etc) create because their relationships are fucked up... or do they create relationships that are fucked up?
Zeke's example: Dali was madly in love with Gala, and wanted her to cheat on him. Masochism, yes: Dali was an artist.

So here we are today with everything we need. We have this enormously cushy economy that lets pretty much anyone be an artist.... and actually, it's probably a good bet for an occupation, because a computer will never take it from you. (Besides, artsy guys are sexy.) Again, though-- show me a person without an art and I'll prove you wrong. But some people create as an emotional outlet... and some people need emotion to create. Some people have an art or five, and some people Are Artists.

But maybe we can't live like this. "WE": I don't know who I'm talking about. Everyone. Can we live this easily perpetually, or are we going to have to fuck it up?

I like art. I love art. But only when it's pushing me, otherwise I don't have time for it. I like Magritte a lot, I do, but surrealism is passe now--it's not enough for today's artists. Wait, who are today's artists? Oh, things are too easy, come on. Maybe this country needs to be fucked over.

unicraze: you want to help me fuck America??

But that's art, right? Little revolutions... of one person, or a group, or a class, or a country. Come on, like Moulin Rouge didn't change things? *grin* I'm just unsettled today. I want to fix something. Sorry about this behemoth post! Oh wait wait, burning thought:

creation is just a manifestation of the self... the self is just a product of the environment... we've created our environment...

(I told you it was burning.) But that's scary. Yipes! We live in artificial light! I mean, okay. Do you remember how I had like a billion things tacked up in my old room, and I was all planning to make this room look nice and clean? Yeah, well. I guess I shouldn't have kept tacks around. Oh come on! What good was the The Strokes insert other than as a wall decoration? ...And if this is a manifestation of my self, which I think it is, can I apply that to a bigger picture and ask about America's ugly "self"?

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