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I'm not the girl I use to be (musicgoddess01) wrote in thousandmiles,
@ 2002-11-01 16:55:00
Mood: bored
Music: (CJLS Radio -- Catch The Wave)

i am going to demand that Jim write in here more...I mean why not.I write plenty so why can't he?

Hmm nothing interesting went on today between us.He shared the poem "Flanders Fields" with me and it was nice to read and actually put thought into reading it rather than just skimming over and saying "yeah okay".We also spoke about firefighting uniforms I saw someone dressed as a firefighter yesterday and noticed some wear with it so I spoke to him about it and how it looked authentic not bought at a costume shop because I dont think they would have the kind of wear i saw on a costume firefighter suit.Ooo firefighter...yeeeeeeeeeah....uhhhhhhhh you didn't hear nope nope nope*daydreams*

I'm bored and I have nothing better to do so I'll just ramble in here.My mom asked me why Jim's mom called yesterday told her it was because Jim was at the fire hall then she said something that confused me and made it sound like she called after Jim called,I wonder if she did now.

Oh and I have a kitty now,but she's all the way in Canada and once I get a picture I'll post it here.My first kitty,I just hope I'm not allergic to her.I think I mentioned in a previous entry how I'm allergic to long hair pets,I can look nasty if I'm around them for awhile,one scratch ='s hives and itchiness and stuff.All I know is that she is white and has a grey spot on her tail and stuff and Jim is already getting attached to her,lol.We were talking yesterday when I choose her as the kitty I wanted and he put her on his chest and it was just cute hearing him talk about her and how she was looking at the phone and wouldn't let go of him.Hmm thinking about it now...maybe we should declaw her if we keep her?

Hmm watched Friends last night and Rachel is beginning to annoy me:o\.It irks me how she worries so much about the baby that it's obsessive so me and Jim spoke alittle about that afterwards.Said if we went out of town and left the kids with their grandparents we might calls 3 times on the first day then wait for them to call,heh.I don't think I will worry constantly about my children I took care of my sis so I know what's normal and not of a baby including the fact I wanna be a prenatal nurse.

Umm the entry before this wasn't suppose to show so...sorry about that...umm yeah I'm going to end now....And so I end this entry with a pic of moi and a pretty good one indeed.

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