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Kurt Onstad (speedball) wrote,
@ 2002-07-09 15:48:00
Picture this...
I've been fascinated by this ever since the first time I read it. I'm so interested by it, I go back every few months and read over it again.

A lot of the reason that I'm so interested in it is that I fall on completely the other side of the spectrum from Dan. Not only can I see things when I close my eyes, but I don't have to close my eyes in order to do so. Okay, that sounds obvious, but what I mean is that when my eyes are open and I start imagining a scene or a person, or whatever, I can see it in my mind's eye vividly at the same time that I see what's actually in front of me. At times, it can almost be disconcerting because I'm seeing two very distinct images. I know which one is real and which one is only in my imagination, but it's still vivid enough to sometimes evoke an emotional response from me, depending on what exactly it is I'm imagining.

I personally find it incredibly hard to imagine being someone who can't visualize like that. It's always been a part of who I am. Which is why I find someone on the other side of the spectrum and realizes it so interesting.


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