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Sara (saragoose) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 23:34:00
Mood:I'm in a drabble mood

Up the Amazon without a Paddle
A response to seemag's OPI Nail Polish Challenge. She is an instigator. Not only am I writing this fic for her, but it's Voyager.

Up The Amazon Without a Paddle - A Drabble

Shore leave's supposed to be fun, right? A break from our duty, just me and Tom, paddling up a river.

Our first argument was over upstream or down.

Our second was over who should go in the stern.

We never got to a third. As we traded places, again, we tipped the canoe.

He splashed me first, no matter what he may say later. Luckily, we left our belongings at the cabin. By the time we came up for air, the boat had floated towards shore but the paddles were missing.

Primitive cultures are defined by paddles that don't float.

I've never really written Voyager before, so feedback's always good.

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