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Sara Davis (she_awakes) wrote in passions,
@ 2003-02-25 18:23:00
Caption Contest for the Month of February 25th to March 25th
Hey you guys, it's she_awakes and cutestcouple again for the caption contest. During our contest last week, for the picture posted on February 18th, a total of TWO people posted... that's it! Due to such a low number posting we will not be deciding a winner on that picture's caption. Now we are going to try this again, please you guys, participate!! Think about it... How hard can it be to create a single caption for a picture from an episode of Passions? Put your creative juices at work and give it your best shot; you might even win one of these prizes!

1st Place - Two Months toward a Paid Account (Worth five bucks!)
2nd Place - A Live Journal Code
3rd Place - Honorable Mention

We live up to our word, even ask notparticularly!! She was the first place winner in our previous contest post! With over 370 members in Passions it's sad we only received two captions, I know you guys can do much better. We're giving out PRIZES you guys, it's easy. Please please please post this time and just give it a try, it's all we ask!! We are even allotting a complete MONTH for this caption contest. You'll have thirty days to rack your brain and give it your best shot, what more could you ask for?!

Here is the new picture we are asking you to caption, you have from February 25th to March 25th to give it a try. Yes, it's not from an actuall episode.. but you have to admit this picture has the potential of creating some very funny feedback!
TC, Chad and Whitney

Now remember, they're some rules to this. When you have thought of your caption please post it WITHOUT looking at what others have already submitted. We want this to a be unique and fun contest; please don't steal anyone else's ideas. One post per person also. The winners will be decided by cutestcouple and me, she_awakes. We will post an entry congratulating the winners and will contact them afterwards. If you have any questions please comment to this entry and cutestcouple or she_awakes will be there to help ASAP. Good luck on the contest and Thank You fellow Passions fans!!

- she_awakes

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