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Neesa (alienfrmla) wrote,
@ 2002-11-13 00:46:00
Mood: bored

My first REAL entry
Please disregard my first entry. It's reminiscent of my grim Survivor days, which have long passed.

I'm Neesa. I turned 17 on 11-7. I have a little brother named John. He's funny.

So, let's get down to the real journal writing.

I attend a Waldorf school. A Waldorf school is one whose faculty ideally studies and teaches by Anthroposophy, developed by philosopher Rudolph Steiner. It's non-denominational, but some of the purist teachers, referred to as "Waldorfians" with a disparaging tone, have strange beliefs of their own such as the following.

-- Don't use black crayons until you're in high school
-- Eat organic food.
-- Have an extremely liberal mind set.
-- Sing anti-war 60s songs in German.

This is all quite scattered. Otherwise, it's all good. I love my school. I love the people there. They're cool. However, it gets a bit cramped some times, given that there are only 80 fricking students in the high school. I don't really mind the small number, but it doesn't allow for being an asshole. Really. Like, if you bitch slap someone, you still have to deal with that person for the rest of your school career, and probably afterwards too. In that respect it sucks. Also, like, you can't be promiscuious. And since most of us have no friends outside of school, many are pretty horny. It's sad.

Last summer I went to kick-ass music camp. Let's call it band camp. It was NYSSSA School of Orchestral Studies. It was really great. It was really amazing that every single person there was great. The only dick weeds were the councellors. And hopefully they'll be my friends for a long time. Unfortunately, I don't see them every day. So I can't really "hang." Tears.

BTW homework BITES.

Oh my friggin god. Really. I'm stuck doing schizat homework like "write an essay for citation practice from one source."
What the hell?

Ok. IT's late. I should go. I'm wasting my life.

"I am womyn. Hear me roar!!!" Alex

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