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The AMC, GH and OLTL Commentary of Katrina Rasbold (rasbold) wrote,
@ 2001-08-21 09:59:00
Music:Patty Loveless - Maybe it Was Memphis

Maybe it was the hormones. Maybe it was having a really bad day. Regardless, a lot of things that happened on the soaps Monday just hit me wrong. OK, things from the previous week did as well, so maybe it was more than just a bad day or estrogen issues. Now please remember, I'm an AMC newbie, so my impressions of the characters doesn't have the benefit of years of history behind it. Please excuse any faux pas I might make in that ignorance.

Does Brooke do much more than order people around? Since I started watching, all I've seen her do is buy people off and manipulate people like pieces on a chessboard. I don't think I like her.

Where's Jackson? Why is that man NEVER around? I think I kinda like him, you know, in a special way. He only shows up when Erica is in a pout, like his Underdog super hearing picked up on Polly Purebred's "Oh where, oh where has my Jackson gone" song. Does he have a story or a life or is he just her personal puppy dog?

Do Myrtle, Phoebe and Palmer only show up at weddings and funerals and such? Are they the Audrey Hardy's and Dr Larry's of Pine Valley? Is Opal in that category when she isn't channeling Gillian (a magnificent make-out-with-Ryan ploy if EVER I saw one!)? Are we doomed to having to watch for sightings of these people, like seeing Elvis at a gas station? To me, THEY look interesting, not Laura, who is busy breaking Gillian's heart (literally).

"Leave, Greenlee! Now! You can't talk to my husband like that!!! Rrraaaaawwrrrr" I thought her head was going to spin and pea soup was going to go projectile from her mouth. I wish I could tell where Leo's head really is. It's obvious that he still has feelings for Greenlee, but how much of staying with Laura is because he's worried about what will happen if he leaves and how much of it is seeing Laura as his salvation? His chance to have a different kind of life? Even though Laura and Leo are definitely not on my favorite couples list, I definitely can't get into Greenlee getting up out of bed to go scream at Leo in his living room. Like so many other stories on ABC, this is one that I just want to have over and resolved, one way or another. It's justicky. By the way, when they were making out, did I see that he LAID ON HER CHEST??? OW OW OW OW OW!!

I *loved* Erica's smiling, glowing, beaming presentation of Greenlee's (pause) FREE TRIP TO PARISSSS! (the crowd goes wild) With a Barker's Beauties send off like that, I can't believe Greenlee narrowed her eyes, furrowed her brow and scowled rather than getting the eyes wide, mouth opencover with hands, jump up and down and squeal effect. You've really got to give Erica an A for effort. Too bad Greens saw through it. It was chilling with Mama Brooke whipped out that "And if you send Greenlee away so that Laura can be with Leo, your daughter won't be a lesbian any more" card. Ka-POW! The only thing missing was Erica's own personal Rod Serling (Jack) to step out of the shadows and tell us that Erica has stepped her Italian stiletto intoThe Manipulation Zone! (da da DUHHHH)

I guess I missed the whole Gillian-Ryan romance mystique, because by the time I came on board, I just found her to be annoying, so it was with glee that glee that I watched Ryan and Liza ripping off clothes and hitting the leaves. FINALLY, SOMEWHERE on ABC I can see a little passion! It might be grief sex, but it was at least hot! I loved how they both handled it afterward by assuring the other than no on took advantage of anyone and hey, I wanted to do you so let's not rule out doing it again. I really feel for Liza, having to deal with the Fall of the House of Dad right on the heels of Adam's betrayal. It's a good thing Ryan is there or her male figures would exactly be giving her a confidence in the gender. Loved the scene where Marian told her that she had known about her husband's affair. I don't care for the character of Mia and hope some weird triangle isn't forming with her moving onto the yacht (but we knew it was from that poker game, just didn't know there was another leg to the trio).

A friend of mine said something that really made me smile. She mentioned that everything began to make sense once she realized that Mia and Rosa were two different people. J I can definitely see where the confusion could lie since they are both cut from the one-size-fits-all cookie cutter model-to-actress-in-a-day form woman that is the standard on ABC soaps these days. Just once, *I* want to be in the demographic that the shows are shooting to hit! I was too young in the old days when they wanted to target mature housewives and now I'm too old when they want the Aaron Spelling crowd. I just want to see interesting stories involving people who have outlived the cookie sheets and underwear I own. *sigh*

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