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rkmlai (rkmlai) wrote,
@ 2001-05-10 23:24:00
I have been needing some time to read up on anecdotal accounts of AIDS and HIV. I used to read often of this topic in research journals, my exspouce obtaining both her MSW and her MPH idealistically to go forth at the time and help conquer this "new plague" of the age. I went with her to about a third of her classes being employed as her 'reader' and 'notetaker' as she is visually impaired. Section 504

I am now reading a 'special supplement' to "POZ" magazine, "side fx 2001" in the spring 2001 issue (free) to understand what the common non medical person reads and understands of HIV, treatment, and side effects.

I often find a good medical dictionary like "Dorland's Medical Dictionary" from W.B.Saunders Company, LoCCCN: 98-578 currently in it's 24th edition to be useful. I will need to get one for my office.

I have also been spending some time walking around in the various neighborhoods of San Francisco. I visited "Under One Roof", a store "benefiting the AIDS community".

So many things I have not even seen in my backyard

I have recently told someone I newly love about my LJ. I hope that what she may read here does not scare or frighten her. I googled her name and felt it unfair to have read her website and journal but leave her in the darkness.

We have both returned from a self-defense personal empowerment class taught last night and tonight.

I may have found another. Indeed she may have found me.

Succeeding at trying to form better healthier relationships.

In other news: My rabbi told me yesterday that I "...am doing holy work" at work.

BTW I am also glad to have volunteered last summer with Pallotta or else I would be down five teeshirts.

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