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Time posted: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 02:43:03 GMT (17 years ago)
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Summary: Strange interests behavior (amelie -> amlie)
Original Request:
A friend of mine recently pointed out that if you add amelie to your interests, it somehow gets converted to amlie (note the accent over the e). Amlie is actually correct in this case. As much as I'd like to think that livejournal is able to figure out what the user really means, I fear this might be a bug of some sort. ;-] In any case, I thought I'd point it out...
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Answer (#95828)
Posted Mon, 17 Dec 2001 05:43:57 GMT (17 years ago)
This behavior is most likely not intended. The LiveJournal source code doesn't do any conversions like that whatsoever. The problem stems from the fact that the database system of LiveJournal treats "Amlie" and "Amelie" as the same thing. When you add an interest, the LiveJournal server code checks the database to see if that interest has been defined before. It does this because interests are not stored as words, but as numbers. Essentially it checks to see if a particular interest has been assigned an ID before. Since the database considers "Amlie" and "Amelie" to be the same, a new interest ID isn't generated, so your interest list will have "Amlie" in in instead of "Amelie."

The main problem with this is that the first person to enter an interest determines how the interest is spelled. For example, if someone were to put in the interest "sattl" before "seattle" was defined as an interest, then everyone else who listed "seattle" as an interest would see it listed as "sattl." Conversely, if someone listed "Amelie" before "Amlie," everyone that listed "Amlie" as an interest would have it listed as "Amelie."

Thanks for reporting this. I'll be bringing this up in the lj_dev community soon.
youngoat youngoat  - youngoat
Comment (#95924)
Posted Mon, 17 Dec 2001 12:25:00 GMT (17 years ago)
Cool. Thanks for the information. I bet this will be taken care of as the site migrates to UTF-8...