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Time posted: Sat, 13 Jan 2018 03:50:28 GMT (1 year ago)
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Summary: Facebook share
Original Request:
How do I remove the option to share my post to facebook? I do not want just any random person that reads my entries to be able to share it to their facebook.
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Answer (#7898480)
Posted Tue, 23 Jan 2018 15:17:31 GMT (11 months ago)
Thank you for inquiry and I apologize for a delay with the reply.

The option to share to Facebook only appears for public entries. Such entries can be shared to Facebook regardless of this option, simply by providing a link to the entry.

If you don't wish your entries to be shared, you'll need to change their privacy settings to restrict access to them. For additional information about security levels please refer FAQ at [https://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/24.html].