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From: ramallicote_28 ramallicote_28 Ruth Ann Mallicote
: Account
LiveJournal: username: ramallicote_28
style: (S2) core:  public,  i18n:  none,  i18nc:  none,  layout:  public,  theme:  public,  user:  custom
userpics: base + loyalty = userpics
sup enabled:
email validated? transitioning (used to be validated, but changed email addresses and hasn't reconfirmed)
cluster: HotWings (#13); data version : 8
design: new    friends page: friends
language: en_LJ
underage no;
Is JavaScript enabled: yes
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Photo hosting migration: done
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Time posted: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 05:00:17 GMT (6 years ago)
Status: closed
Summary: webmaster tools
Original Request:
I have a google webmaster account. Unfortunately i can not get my live journal account verified. I copied the meta tag and pasted it into the correctly labeled box but it reports that the verification failed. I have tried this several times in as many days and yet i get the same result. I hope to get some suggestions to resolve this matter.
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