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1.astronewt - astronewt239070 points
2.arie - Arie156156 points
3.maraun - 🔫🥃🍔🍩🐶🐶⭕️💙155495 points
4.markf - Mark134008 points
5.arteman - arteman132046 points
6.(+1)gerald_falzon - 🐶⭕💙122878 points
7.rahaeli - Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds95442 points
8.burr86 - Abe Hassan91173 points
9.arturi - Артур Пайкин83117 points
10.coffeechica - Carrie: she tampered in God's domain71807 points
11.sfwatch - in for the kill70795 points
12.reanimator78 - reanimator7847284 points
13.tourist_planet - tourist_planet46967 points
14.kyra - Kismet Inject Driftnet Shipwreck44937 points
15.snarkbite - Squirrel of Justice44815 points
16.elyssa - Follow me... I'm a GEOGRAPHER!41555 points
17.andy - Андрей38964 points
18.opal1159 - Fairly Unbalanced37354 points
19.snm_ronja - Ronja Rövardotter35612 points
20.camomiletea - Constance - Make tea, not war33636 points
21.pmpe - Илья31734 points
22.boredinsomniac - Don't Techno for an Answer30878 points
23.gerg - FunBux™ Commissioner28950 points
24.damien707 - damien70727926 points
25.danceinacircle - A lurking goblin marionette26774 points
26.(-1)asciident - Melissa25231 points
27.isabeau - a cat named Tempest24688 points
28.intrepia - Connie23082 points
29.erin - Erin21899 points
30.kamara - ¤ // SIMPLY NOT ALLOWED19676 points
31.rebelsheart - Tango, The Wild Dream19611 points
32.the_kitty_kat - Gotta gotta be down because I want it all19541 points
33.the_cynic - TCL MERGE ERROR ( 07/31/2009 22:35:52 )17202 points
34.dawna - ~ Dawna ~15645 points
35.fweebles - Trevor - Smarter than your av-er-age sheep15373 points
36.right - righteous14433 points
37.starvingnerd - mister john starvingnerd person sir14390 points
38.trixieleitz - Trixie Leitz14020 points
39.zhonnika - Дженнифер13419 points
40.jennifer - Jen13412 points
41.20_00 - 20-0013041 points
42.idonotlikepeas - John :: Affirming Consequents, Denying Antecedents12807 points
43.amanda - I'll queef you out of my brain.12025 points
44.av8rmike - Mister Baltimore11738 points
45.angrychicken - I Am Not The Intrepid Heroine You're Looking For11057 points
46.marta - marta10555 points
47.wyntarvox - I need to get my drink on.9845 points
48.vadim_i_z - Иронический наблюдатель9833 points
49.aveleh - Abby9822 points
50.sherm - sherm9518 points
51.tinyjo - Emptied of expectation. Relax.9396 points
52.tammy - Is this thing on?9266 points
53.bubba - bubba8915 points
54.mimimishechka - Antosha8726 points
55.afuna - shiny happy glowy8694 points
56.sonneta - 14 lines of iambic pentameter8537 points
57.lied_ohne_worte - lied_ohne_worte8393 points
58.lj_abuse_helper - Конфликтный менеджер8265 points
59.jasheffe - Beautiful Monsters8223 points
60.jillw - Jillian8151 points
61.hammond - Hammond8127 points
62.rho - ρ8070 points
63.claire - You're out of adventures :(8018 points
64.androshd - Because my dreams are bursting at the seams...7961 points
65.sergey_45i - Sergey-45i – самый хуёвый "человек поддержки"7898 points
66.xtremesaints - Ela7859 points
67.senza - senza7815 points
68.sunday_silence - Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense7691 points
69.prophet08 - prophet087573 points
70.kateshort - Kate the Short7440 points
71.highway - Life is a Highway7287 points
72.prissi - Prissi7003 points
73.mayerman - SKULLBUTT THE TORMENTOR!6985 points
74.alexia_drake - Alexia Lisa Drake6974 points
75.shamanix - I've lost the keys to the Slurpee(tm) machine.6929 points
76.ameliabeare - private thoughts6896 points
77.teshiron - Ryan- Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike6716 points
78.kageneko - half dark, and a face so pale6643 points
79.(+11)anni_sanni - Анни и Санни6479 points
80.annihilarious - Α — Ω6396 points
81.ryanfitz - RyanFitz6175 points
82.herrsatan - Mr. Satan6163 points
83.qmarik - улыбаемся и машем, парни, улыбаемся и машем5911 points
84.jennyrhill - Jenny5801 points
85.snarkophagus - The Light Snarktastic5768 points
86.nnaylime - My Mama Didn't Raise Me to Be a Fishwife5747 points
87.jennieknits - Jennie5726 points
88.emmavescence - Emma5555 points
89.pauamma - Res facta quae tamen fingi potuit5334 points
90.dakus - There's no place like points
91.bluemoonshark - blue5000 points
92.leora - Leora4764 points
93.pne - Philip Newton4582 points
94.(+1)slinkslowdown - Kei4573 points
95.daydreamer - Susan: catastrophist since 19824571 points
96.bensoup - bensoup4408 points
97.olenenyok - olenenyok4391 points
98.lysora - surrender and contemplation4350 points
99.ursamajor - she of the remarkable biochemical capabilities!4316 points
100.pthalogreen - Volim što sam lezbejka zato što su žene lepe4234 points

2807 total supporting users, 100 displayed.

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