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  • How do I validate my email address?

    When you create a LiveJournal account or change your email address, LiveJournal sends you a confirmation email where you click a validation link to validate your email address; replying to this email does not validate your address. If you did not receive a confirmation email, you can request another one.
  • How do I delete my journal or community? How do I cancel deletion?

    Purging is permanent and can't be reverted. If there's any chance that you can regret deleting your account in the future, you might want to change the entry's security level instead.

    To delete your journal or a community you own, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Account Status page.

    2. On that page, select the name of the journal or community you would like to delete:
      • If you wish to delete your own journal, select your username in the Select account: field

      • If you wish to delete a community you own, select your community's name from the Select account: field

    3. Press "Switch".

    4. If you want to delete comments and/or entries you left in other journals and communities, activate the corresponding checkboxes.

    5. Click the "Delete" button.

    Please note that in LiveJournal, your personal journal is your account; thus, by deleting your journal, you are automatically cancelling your account and unsubscribing from LiveJournal.
  • What if I forgot my username or password?

    You can retrieve a forgotten username or reset a forgotten password at the Lost Information page.

    The username and password email system is entirely automated, so LiveJournal staff and volunteers can't reset your password, change your email address, or delete your account for you. It is important to keep a current email address on your account so you can always get these emails. You may also wish to set up a secret question.
  • How do I change my password?

    You can change your password at the Change Password page. LiveJournal requires that passwords follow specific guidelines in order to ensure the security of your account.

    Your email address must be validated in order for you to change your password, and you must know your current password. If you do not know your current password, you will need to request a password reset email to change your password. This email can be sent to the address currently on file with your account, or to any previously validated email address used with your account in the past six months.

  • How do I change my email address?

    You can change the email account associated with your journal at the Change Email Address page. After you change your email address, remember to validate your new address.
  • How do I change my username?

    You can rename any personal or community journal to another username as long as:
    • the other username is unregistered;
    • the other username is deleted and purged;
    • the other username is a personal journal under your control

    If an unregistered username does not fit LiveJournal's format guidelines, or an inactive account has not been deleted-and-purged, the username is not available for use.

    LiveJournal does provide a list of usernames which have been deleted and purged, and as such are available for you to use in renaming your account.

    If the username you want is not available because it is currently registered by someone else, you can create a subscription to be notified if and when it is purged. (Note that you need to replace "exampleusername" in the URL with the username that you wish to be notified about.)

    If you have created your account recently and have few or no entries, you may want to create a new journal.

    If you want to hide your journal from someone who has found your username, renaming your journal is not the best choice. Comments and your community entries will display your new username; people may also be able to find you based on your community memberships, interests, friends list, etc. Instead, you can hide your journal by deleting the existing journal and creating an entirely new journal, or making the existing journal Friends-Only or Private.
  • How do I choose a secure password and keep my account secure?

    You should keep your account secure for the sake of your own LiveJournal identity (entries, comments, etc). Additionally, keeping your account secure also keeps your Friends' entries secure because you have access to protected entries in their journals. Your LiveJournal password must meet the following requirements:
    • 6 to 30 characters long.

    • Use only ASCII characters (characters found on a standard US keyboard).

    • Must contain at least 4 different characters.

    • At least 1 number or special symbol.

    • At least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter

    • Not based on your username, email address, displayed name, or a commonly-used password.

  • How do I create an account? How do I get started?

    You can create an account at the Create New Journal page. While creating an account, you will need to choose a secure password and a valid username. After you create your account, validate your email address.
  • What should I do if someone breaks into my LiveJournal account?

    If someone has broken into your LiveJournal account and changed your LiveJournal password, you can reclaim control of your journal as long as you have access to an email address which has been validated on your account previously. There are six steps to resecure your LiveJournal account; you must follow all six steps in order to ensure that your account is as secure as possible.
  • Why can't I have a particular username? Can I have the username of an abandoned account?

    Your desired username may not fit LiveJournal's username format guidelines, may be an already registered username, or may be a reserved username format. Even seemingly-abandoned accounts are not available unless they have been deleted and purged (view list). If your desired username is the wrong format or already registered, create an account with a variant (such as adding numbers, extra letters, or underscores) or completely different username.
  • What are my login options?

    When you log into LiveJournal, your web browser writes a cookie to your computer for two options: Remember me and Bind cookie to IP address. This browser cookie also keeps track of your LiveJournal session, so that LiveJournal doesn't ask you to log in for every page.
  • How do I make sure I am completely logged out of LiveJournal?

    When you log into LiveJournal, a session is created on the server, allowing you to remain logged in throughout the site. If you have more than one active session, the Expire all my sessions option appears on the Logout page. If you do not want to expire all your sessions (for example, if you are logged in at a different location), you can view your current sessions and expire them individually.
  • What is a secret question and how do I use it?

    LiveJournal has created the secret question as an alternate method of restoring access to your account in case you have forgotten your password and cannot access any of the email addresses associated with your LiveJournal account. Think carefully about adding a secret question, as it is another way into your account.
  • What should I do if a LiveJournal user dies? What is "Memorial" status?

    When a LiveJournal user is reported as deceased, their account can be placed in "memorial" status. This disables future entries by the account, and disallows to comment on existing entries for users not included in author's Friends list. It also prevents the journal from being deleted for inactivity in the future.
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